RIFLESPEED Gas Controls .750" RS7533

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The revolutionary RIFLESPEED™ Gas Control System (US Patents #US20200116446A1, #US10724812B2, plus additional patents pending) makes controlling your rifle's gas flow reliable, repeatable, and foolproof. Need more gas? Turn it up. Need less gas? Turn it down. With the easy-to-grasp Control Knob, it's that simple and no tools are required. The highly visible numbering on the Control Knob ensures that you'll always know your setting. Return to a previous setting instantly by simply turning the Control Knob. Each setting is indicated by a highly tactile "click" for use during times of reduced visibility. Two separate rotation ranges with numbered settings 1-12 and multiple Plunger sizes cover the adjustment requirements for every available cartridge. The patented Rotation Stop feature prevents unintentional disassembly. ***Gas Controls require the use of RIFLESPEED or other straight gas tubes***

Designed for the most rigorous Military or LE Duty Use, RIFLESPEED Gas Controls are also ideal for defensive use, competition, recreational shooting, or hunting. RIFLESPEED Gas Controls are durable and proven to perform through tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition spent in developmental and destructive testing. Gas Controls from RIFLESPEED are the ultimate solution to the problems of operating hard-use carbines in varying conditions, configurations, and environments.
With complete control of the gas that's delivered to the action of your rifle with each shot you'll enjoy increased reliability, reduced recoil, reduced muzzle rise, less aiming disruption, less wear and tear on your rifle, and improved accuracy. Set your RIFLESPEED Gas Control for ideal performance with light commercial ammo or higher-pressure milspec ammo. Dial your gas system in for ideal performance in extreme heat or frigid cold conditions. Enjoy optimal performance with or without a suppressor. With a properly adjusted gas system you can eliminate the need to use exceedingly heavy buffers. Once you experience the advantages of using a RIFLESPEED Gas Control, you’ll never want to shoot anything else.
Key Features:
  1. Tool-free adjustment
  2. Distinct numbered settings for easy status identification and repeatability
  3. Multiple lengths available for use even while tucked under extended handguards
  4. Modular design allows user-level configuration and maintenance
  5. Rotation limited to avoid possibility of unintentional disassembly
  6. Works with .223 Remington/5.56x45mm plus 300 AAC Blackout, .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, and all other cartridges
  7. Currently available for barrels with a 0.750" gas-block journal diameter. Additional sizes to follow
Design Advantages:
  1. No small springs 
  2. No small detents
  3. No small screws
  4. No threads exposed to carbon
  5. Rotation of Control Knob is limited to avoid unintentional disassembly, yet no tools are needed when disassembly is required
Use our interactive fitment calculator to determine the correct model of RIFLESPEED Gas Control for your firearm. Click: "The Configurator"
For a PDF chart showing the compatibility of hundreds of AR configurations, detailed Installation Instructions and Instructions for Use and our Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions click here