Faxon 3 Screw .750” Low Profile Gas Block

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Perfect for any rail system, these ultra-low profile gas blocks are the ideal companion for Faxon Firearms (or any other) barrels with a standard  diameter gas journal. Made from high-strength steel, all our gas blocks are a matching black luster to our barrels. 

For lightweight builds, the block is drilled through the middle of the profile. The gas block clamps on to the barrel using 3 Allen keys on the bottom of the block. 

*Faxon Firearms highly recommends the use of Loc-Tite or similar thread-locking compounds. Gas blocks will get very hot, so pick a compound according to your intended use of the firearm. 

Specifications (.750"):

  • Barrel Compatibility: .750"
  • Weight: .07 Lbs
  • Width: 1.00"
  • Height: ~1 & 7/32" 
  • Mounting: 3x Screws (Allen Key interface)

Gas block does not include the gas tube roll pin. Faxon includes gas tube roll pins with gas tubes. 

Product Type:
Gas Block


  • 5
    Works great with Faxon barrel

    Posted by Roger Pemberton on Nov 7th 2023

    Installed on a 20" heavy fluted 6.5 Grendel barrel and works as it should. Recently purchased another one for a Faxon 16" 223 Wylde heavy fluted barrel.

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    One Of The Best Direct Gas Impingement Blocks Made

    Posted by Seth Owens on Apr 13th 2023

    With this block there is absolutely and truly no need to pin your blocks down because of being afraid of them moving. With Pistons yes, pin the block down if you want to do it correctly! But with this block being how it was designed, there truly is no need to unless you are forcefully taking a hammer to them. I say them because they were obviously smart enough to make all sizes! Also I didn't want to say this, but it should be known about this product when put on correctly-especially one of Faxons barrels! Myself, my firearm, and the block hit a loading dock from 10' up and it was on a .458 socom. I examined it, waiting 5 minutes, then rang out 5 steel hits at 300yrds.!! The chrono says ,and the thermal, No damage other then me telling you this stupid yet important story!! I will say this about FAXONFIREARMS They make very quality parts!! That's All I can say, And.....that is A LOT??????

  • 5
    Runs very well

    Posted by joshua langley on Feb 15th 2023

    No issues so far. Fit and finish are great

  • 5
    Low profile has block

    Posted by Tucker Zingg on Dec 7th 2022

    Great product, everything went together beautifully

  • 5
    Good gas block

    Posted by Simple and effective on Jul 2nd 2022

    One of the better budget friendly gas blocks, very happy with fit, finish and functionality especially for cost. Fits barrel very tight and seals great.

  • 3

    Posted by JWILL on Mar 25th 2020

    I just rec'd and installed this lightweight (1.18oz) gas block on my new Faxon .300AAC 16" barrel. First, I noticed it was extremely tight but with a slight bump from a wooden block it slide right on. Second, I noticed there were no markings on the block or the barrel to be able to match the gas block port with the barrel gas port perfectly. My previous upper build with a different brand was center marked on both parts (just a note to Faxon to maybe add to future manufacturing). Overall I am satisfied with my purchase.

  • 1
    Ultra low profile Gas Block

    Posted by Matt D. on Sep 2nd 2019

    Waste of money. Luckily i had another gas block around to use. I had purchased this with the 7.5 gunner profile pistol barrel in 300blk. The machining on the gas block must have been bad since this it was way too small to fit the barrel. Maybe just a QC issue.

  • 2

    Posted by Tim on Jun 14th 2019

    The Faxon gas tube had to be trimmed 1/4 to fit.

  • 2
    When I went to put the gas tube in the gas block I found that the gas tube would not go all the way in to pin it. I looked inside the gas block and it was full of metal shavings and dirt after spending 15 min digging all the metal shavings and dirt o

    Posted by Ben on Apr 22nd 2019

    Gas block was full of metal shavings and dirt I had to spend 15 mins getting as much as could the put the gas tube on. Very disappointed in that. It did come in on time and fit to the barrel good have not test fired the rifle to made sure it works but maybe it will be fine