Faxon 3 Screw AR-10 Height .750” Gas Block

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Perfect for any rail system, these ultra-low profile gas blocks are the ideal companion for Faxon Firearms (or any other) barrels with a standard  diameter gas journal. Made from high-strength steel, all our gas blocks are a matching black luster to our barrels. 

These AR10 Gas Blocks have increased height to allow for easier install and less pressure on the gas tube, especially for pistol and carbine-length builds.

The gas block clamps on to the barrel using 3 Allen keys on the bottom of the block. 

*Faxon Firearms highly recommends the use of Loc-Tite or similar thread-locking compounds. Gas blocks will get very hot, so pick a compound according to your intended use of the firearm. 

Specifications (.750"):

  • Barrel Compatibility: .750"
  • Weight: .08 lbs
  • Width: .899"
  • Depth: 1.00"
  • Height: 1.430" 
  • Mounting: 3x Screws (Allen Key interface)

Gas block does not include the gas tube roll pin. Faxon includes gas tube roll pins with gas tubes. 

Product Type:
Gas Block