Handgun Parts

Looking for high-quality handgun parts to enhance the performance, accuracy, and reliability of your handgun? Look no further than Faxon Firearms. As a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered firearms and firearm parts, Faxon Firearms offers a wide range of handgun parts designed to meet the needs of competitive shooters, law enforcement officers, and gun enthusiasts alike!

One of Faxon Firearms' top offerings in the handgun parts category is their selection of high-performance barrels. These barrels are offered for a variety of different makes and models, and finishes, allowing you to customize your handgun to fit your personal needs. Whether you're looking to improve your accuracy or simply want a barrel that's built to last, Faxon Firearms has the perfect option for you.

Another top product from Faxon Firearms is their handgun slides. These slides are machined to tight tolerances and are designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of your handgun. Our slides are offered in a DLC coating to give you a slide that is both durable and looks good.

At Faxon Firearms, we understand that every gun owner has unique needs and preferences. We offer a variety of options to choose from, so you can find the parts to fit your personal needs. Whether you're looking for a new barrel or slide, or simply want to upgrade your handgun's performance, Faxon Firearms has the expertise and products you need to succeed.