Faxon Embassy

The Faxon Embassy:

Welcome to The Fellowship of Firearms®

The Faxon Embassy is the place where professional shooters, brand ambassadors, content creators, and Faxon shoppers come together.

The Embassy also embodies Faxon's loyalty program. Whether you purchase your Faxon products from FaxonFirearms.com, online dealers, or your local gun shop, you can use your purchases (and other loyalty activities) for rewards points that can be applied to products at FaxonFirearms.com.

To sign up for rewards, simply click the "Rewards Program" button at the bottom of FaxonFirearms.com.

Faxon Embassy Consuls are Competition/Professional Shooting Sports Athletes. 

Faxon Embassy Ambassadors are Firearms Influencers, Reviewers, and Content Creators.

The Agent Tier of the Faxon Embassy is open to all Faxon fans and customers that create a loyalty program account at FaxonFirearms.com