Proudly located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Faxon Firearms is a family owned and operated business. Firmly planted in traditional values, we strive to bring excellent products to the shooting sports market that can be enjoyed and passed down through generations. 

Birthed from Faxon Machining (est. 1978), the DNA of Faxon Firearms is rooted in the quality machining and engineering expertise that has put parts on Mars, the ocean floor, and supported our national defense.
Pictured: President Bob Faxon in the early days of Faxon Machining

At the beginning of Faxon Firearms was the ARAK-21.

After seeing the AK-47 and the M16 battle for the top spot of “best gun of all time,” Faxon Firearms President, Bob Faxon, knew that if his dream was going to come to market, he couldn’t offer something that was ‘second best’ to the shooting sports industry.

Sitting down at the kitchen table of his Cincinnati home with his 2 sons, Bob took three pieces of paper and made the first drawings of what would become the ARAK-21. The goal: combine the best features of both the AR-15 and the AK-47 into the greatest firearm he could imagine. 

When prototyping the ARAK-21, it became evident early on that the Faxon’s were going to need to make their own barrels.
Fortunately, the years of experience of Faxon Machining made that seem to be not that daunting of a task.
“There were a lot of frustrating Saturdays and Sundays” recalled Bob Faxon.
Even though they had been machining millions of parts since 1978, they soon realized that firearm barrels required more education, insight, and testing.

In the entrepreneurial spirit of the Faxon family, barrels were not an end-game… just another opportunity to innovate.
Building on the experience of the ARAK, and barrel manufacturing, the logical next step was to apply that collective knowledge to more parts and accessories.
Knowing that Bolts and Bolt Carrier Groups serve an essential role in the operation of a firearm, when Faxon introduced theirs to the market, they knew it couldn’t just be a carbon copy of other products on the market.
The Faxon team created a variety of BCG’s with superior steels, tooling, features, and coatings to enhance the operation and reliability of their customer’s firearms.

When you believe in innovation, there is always room to make products and experiences better.
Bob Faxon found during testing of ARAK barrels that removing traditional muzzle devices could become troublesome and time consuming.
The goal to create an easy-to-install threaded muzzle device culminated in MuzzLok™.
Without needing a crush washer or other special tools, MuzzLok™ allows for the shooter to easily install (or uninstall) their muzzle device. Not only does it enhance modularity and customization, upon removal, it allows for better cleaning of carbon build-up in the barrel.