Faxon FX-19 Hellfire Compact Pistol

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Introducing the FX-19 pistol line, built from the ground up with the quality and precision you have come to expect from Faxon Firearms.

The FX-19 pistols are available in two distinct style offerings; the Patriot and the Hellfire. The FX-19 line of pistols offer an extensive list of custom features in an out of the box package. 

The FX-19 line of pistols have successfully completed a 15,000 round durability test, as outlined in US ARMY TOP 3-2-045, along with the NATO standard drop test.

The Hellfire ships with (1) OEM G19 magazine with Faxon +5 Modular Magazine extension. The Patriot ships with (1) OEM 15 round G19 magazine. Both pistols ship in a TSA approved hard sided case. All FX-19 pistols accept GLOCK aftermarket parts, accessories, and magazines.



  • Faxon Match Series G19 1/2x28 Threaded Barrel
  • Machined in-house from 416-r Stainless Steel
  • Enhanced front, rear, and top serrations
  • Optic cut for Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C
  • Machined posts in optic cuts for optic locating and recoil absorption
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Finish
  • Suppressor-Height Night Sights


  • Custom Faxon PF940C Frame
  • 1911-Style Grip Angle
  • Custom Polished Front & Rear Slide Rails
  • Double Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Extended Magazine Release
  • Overwatch Precision Trigger
  • Enhanced, Low-Profile Magwell

The FX-19 Patriot & Hellfire are covered under Faxon's Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Please note:  Some mounting screws provided with RMR optics may be too long and impinge on the extractor spring rod.  We recommend checking that your extractor is moving freely and not binding after mounting an optic to the slide.


Note: FX-19 Pistols cannot be shipped to CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, or NY state


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    Thoroughly Impressed

    Posted by Robert Siano on Jan 26th 2024

    I am still breaking in this beautiful firearm, but so far it is everything I hoped for and more. The trigger is wonderful; clear brake and short reset. It is definitely apples to oranges compared to stock. The slide is great looking with the cuts doing dual duty of functionality and aesthetics. It is light, even with the extended mag full. I appreciate the 1911-style grip, but even if that wasn’t a selling point, the stippling texture would be. It is easy to grip this thing and feel as if it is securely glued to your hand. Someday I hope to run it suppressed, but for now I appreciate the very bright tritium sights. The case is superb! What a pleasant surprise compared to what some guns ship with. The only downside, as has been mentioned, is I wish it shipped with another mag (and trigger-safety-matching red extension) but I would rather have the great case than another OEM Glock Mag, which can be easily found. Incredibly impressed by this pistol, and would recommend to anyone.

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    The Hellfire

    Posted by Michael petranick on Nov 12th 2023

    I have never purchased a Glock. I have shot many and thought it was a good and reliable service weapon. However, it was designed in typical German fashion, hard rockin but nothing except utilitarian. The design has not changed since the first pistol (17) rolled out in 1982. I have purchased from Bul Armory and saw there AXE Hatchet. Price was right so I grabbed it knowing it was based Glock's design. Great quality and iron reliability. I have noticed Faxon locally and did not give them a second thought. However, my gun club took in a Faxon F19 Hellfire. I was able to shoot it sand kept coming back to shoot it. . Man, it was cool. The pistol looks great, the slide flows like my Atlas, is very accurate and I never had a hiccup. I bought one. I love it, I know it is modeled on the Glock 19, but it is not a Glock, it is a FAXON. Very smooth and precise trigger and it carries very light on my hip. It is optics ready as well as a tact bar for a light. The look of the weapon is high end, it is balanced, and is a blast to shoot. I would tell anyone who is looking for a great carry gun to buy this 9mm, you would not be sorry. In fact, I am buying my wife and kids the Hellfire. Awesome sauce. No cons noted other than you may want another.

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    Great looking, accurate shooting gun.

    Posted by Bill Beaupre on Oct 4th 2023

    I only wish there were more magazines included. Only came with one.

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    Happy to own this

    Posted by Brandon Ignacio on Oct 13th 2022

    I'm very happy to finally own this exquisite firearm. From the first time I'd seen this, I knew I had to have it.

  • 5
    Must have

    Posted by Jonathan Gage on Aug 16th 2022

    Love the pistol, the grip is amazing, the trigger is fantastic. 10/10 recommend.

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    Excellent Pistol

    Posted by Nathan on Dec 14th 2020

    This pistol is incredible! Its functions fantastically after a very brief break-in period and has all of the features you could as for.

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    Much Respect!

    Posted by BC Schaible on Jan 20th 2020

    I've been looking into this for quite some time. The idea that this is simply a gucci Glock is dead wrong. The idea that a similar Glock can be built at home for half or quarter the price is also dead wrong. I just spent several days shopping for parts across multiple providers and the build price for the parts that would match APPLES TO APPLES is about $1350 dollars (including, high-end performance slide at $450, RMR cut, performance barrel, suppressor sights, performance trigger, custom mag well and extended Glock mag) and that does not include mixed shipping from numerous suppliers ($150). NOW you CAN build a stock poly80 Glock for about $600 but it would be plain slide, stock internals, without custom mag well or threaded barrel. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LABOR FOR PREP, CUTTING, ASSEMBLY, TESTING, TUNING AND 200 ROUNDS AMMO FOR PROOF OF RELIABILITY. As of January 2020 Faxon offers the HellFire for $1189. Further note: Faxon polishes all of their internal parts. Faxon provides certified professional assembly. Faxon provides a maximally cut slide and a performance cut barrel. Faxon installs one of the best triggers in the industry. Faxon has provided a lot of R&D, quality testing and tuning to ensure that the gun can pass both DOD and NATO pistol certification. Faxon provides the proper spring tension to run an RMR and a medium weight 9mm suppressor as well. ANOTHER THING TO CONSIDER, you can't bring together the parts you need to build a custom poly80 Glock (at this level) very easily. Across numerous websites it is quite difficult to compile all the parts needed for the build because much of the stock is SOLD OUT, especially if you are looking for custom colors that easily complement each other. You will literally spend days shopping and weeks waiting for parts to arrive. They will be mixed parts from numerous providers resulting in certain adjustment and tuning problems especially if you desire to add slide weight of RMR and suppressor (good luck tuning your spring tension to your favorite ammo). ANOTHER THING TO CONSIDER, this is a hell of a project from start to finish. You will spend a few months of free-time, planning, scoping, ordering, receiving, building and tuning. You will also need to bring together the tools to do the job. The FAXON guns are form fits function with incredible style. FAXON hasn't provided any additional fluff on these guns, every detail serves a functional purpose for the shooter, including the design of the slide and barrel. The only thing I would add to the FAXON guns is the DOUBLE DIAMOND BLACK YIKES 3.0 CONNECTOR, which runs $30. As far as reliability is concerned there has been no documentation of any significant failures in the Faxon guns thus far. So only fools would say that they could provide what Faxon has done here for even close to the price Faxon has offered, especially when you consider the professionals do all the work for you. Way to go FAXON! Semper Fi.