Q. Do you offer military, law enforcement, or first-responder discounts?


A. Yes, with proper documentation! 

This discount applies only those currently serving as or honorably discharged from police/firefighter/military/field first responders (EMT's, Medics, Field Nurse, etc.) services. Discount applies to reservists, under the same conditions. Discount does not apply to support staff or civilians; only those sworn, under oath & arms, or uniform. 

*Note- We cannot apply discounts retroactively to orders already placed. Please contact us to set up your account prior to placing an order. Also, this discount code is valid for servicemember only. Sharing of credentials or account information is prohibited.

To get the discount:

  1. Please register an account on our website. 
  2. Send a copy of your credentials (or some reasonable verification of affiliation) to customerservice@faxonfirearms.com. If you use your department/military e-mail to verify, please let us know which e-mail address the account is registered under. 
  3. We will send you an e-mail letting you know the discount has been applied to your account. 
  4. Shop and enjoy! The discount will be available anytime online when you go to your shopping cart. 

The discount is good for all products that Faxon Firearms offers. 

Thank you to all for their service! 

Q. Do you provide custom gunsmith services?


A. No.  We do not provide custom gunsmith services, including pinning and welding muzzle devices, manufacturing one-off barrel calibers for retail, custom colors, etc. 


Q. Do you have an accuracy gurantee on your barrels?


A. What we will guarantee is that the barrel is held to within .0002" concentricity in the bore, which is mechanically capable of fantastic accuracy. From there, it is up to the completed system including receivers, bolts, headspace, ammunition, optics, trigger, shooter, etc. to also deliver. Since we are not able to qualify the system, we cannot guarantee accuracy of the complete system. 


Q. What is your recommended barrel break-in procedure?


A. Barrel break-in will depend on the type of steel and coatings in the barrel. Generally speaking, QPQ barrels do not need break-in, but those seeking maximum accuracy will want to follow an abbreviated session outlined below. 

*Note- Shooters may use any solvent to dissolve and clean copper in the bore so long as it is appropriate to the application and will not mar the finish of the bore. Consult with the manufacturer of the solvent to ensure appropriate appliaction. 

All shooting should be in a cold bore. No more than one shot every five seconds. 

*Note- To ensure appropriate break-in, these procedures must be the first shots out fo the bore. Faxon does not recommend rapid fire immediately upon reciept until after break-in or an extended slow-fire session for accuracy testing. 

4150 & 416-R QPQ Barrels

  1. Shoot once, clean copper out. Repeat this twice. 
  2. Shoot five rounds, clean copper out. 
  3. Shoot ten rounds, clean copper out. 

Bare 416-R Barrels

  1. Shoot once, clean copper out. Repeat five times. 
  2. Shoot five rounds, clean. Repeat twice. 
  3. Shoot ten rounds, clean. Repeat Twice. 

Caution: DO NOT use sectional steel cleaning rods like those found in military cleaning kits. Multi-sectional steel rods can damage the bore of bare stainless barrels when used incorrectly. 


Q. How do you Test Your Barrels?

A. Barrel testing is completed at multiple stages under our AS:9100 and ISO:9001 quality certifications. After rifling, we test the diameter and concentricity of the bore, making sure it is held to .0002" or less. Once the barrel has been profiled, it goes through magnetic particle inspection to make sure that the steel has no cracks or deformation. Headspace is 100% checked by hand using custom precision ground gauges. The Faxon Eagle crest is only applied after additional checks on the completed product and is our external promise of quality. 

Q. Do you make your own barrels?

A. Yes we do! Everything from gun drilling, creating rifling, profiling, and extensions is done in-house. 

Q. What treatment do you use on your barrels?

A. We use a Q.P.Q Salt Bath Nitride process. In the ARAKs, this coating is used on the gas tube, gas block, carrier, piston rod, bolt, gas adjuster, flash hider, and the barrel. Some stainless steel barrels are left raw inside for those who wish no finish. All barrels are coated unless otherwise stated. 

For AR barrels, we DO NOT Q.P.Q. Salt Bath Nitride extensions. Extensions are black oxide finished to match the barrels and left in their original heat-treated state for maximum strength and safety. 

Q. What kind of accuracy can I expect from an ARAK?

A. We have been able to stay constantly under an inch at 100 meters off a bench with good ammunition and suitable optics.

Q. What kind of barrel life can I expect?

A. We have fired over 10,000 rounds with no discernible wear. We do follow the guidelines listed in the manual as far as cleaning and types of ammunition that we used.

Q. What types of barrels do you offer for the ARAK?

A. We offer 4150 CMV barrels in medium, and heavy profiles. 416-R Stainless Steel barrels are available Heavy Fluted only. 

Q. Do you ship ARAKs to New Jersey?

A. Yes, but only to a registered FFL who make make your ARAK New Jersey compatible. Our website will not let NJ customers order components. You must contact us directly. 

Q. Do you ship ARAKs to California?

A. Yes. If a full rifle ships to California, a bullet button will be added. You should be able to check out normally.

Q. What is rate of twist for each caliber?

A. 1/8 for all calibers including 5.56, 300 BLK, and 7.62x39. The fast twist for 7.62x39 is great for all common loadings and ideal for heavy 147 grain loads. 

Q. Are any of your parts interchangeable with an standard AR parts?

A. Some, but only a few in the bolt. The only common parts are the firing pin, the ejector spring, and the extractor spring. All of the parts and part sets that you will require will be available on our website. Note, the bolt is not cross compatible. 


Q. What pin sizes are used on your gas blocks?

A. The pinned gas block uses a 3/32"x3/8" roll pin where it pins to the barrel, and a 5/64"x5/16" roll pin for the gas tube. 


AR Upper Receiver