Q. Do you offer military, law enforcement, or first-responder discounts?


A. Yes, we do offer a discount to Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders through our Guardian Purchase Program!   Instructions to apply for the discount can be found here: https://faxonfirearms.com/guardian-purchase-program/ 

Q. Do you provide custom gunsmith services?


A. No, we do not currently offer custom gunsmithing services.  This includes but is not limited to Pinning and welding of muzzle devices, installing/pinning front sight towers or gas blocks, custom coatings, or color variations, cutting down or modifying existing barrels.  Additionally, we do not currently offer custom manufacturing of individual barrels or parts.   


Q. Do you have an accuracy guarantee on your barrels?


A. What we can guarantee is that the barrel is held to within .0002" concentricity in the bore, which is mechanically capable of fantastic accuracy. From there, it is up to the completed system including the receiver, bolt, ammunition, optics, trigger, shooter, etc. to also deliver. Since we are not able to qualify the entire system, we cannot guarantee accuracy of the complete system.  

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  If you are not satisfied with how your barrel is performing, just let us know and we will work with you to make it right! 


Q. What is your recommended barrel break-in procedure?


A.  Generally speaking, QPQ nitride treated barrels like ours do not require any special or rigorous break-in procedures, but we have outlined a simplified and abbreviated routine below that we recommend going through before testing for final accuracy.  As both our 4150CMV Duty Series barrels and our 416-R Stainless Steel Match Series barrels are treated with QPQ Nitride, this process will work for both of them: 

  1. Shoot once, clean copper out. Repeat this twice.  

  1. Shoot five rounds, clean copper out.  

  1. Shoot ten rounds, clean copper out.  

Caution: DO NOT use sectional steel cleaning rods like those found in military cleaning kits. Multi-sectional steel rods can damage the bore of bare stainless barrels when used incorrectly. 


Q. How do you Test Your Barrels?

A. We check and test our barrels at multiple stages of production to maintain a high level of quality! After rifling, we test the diameter and concentricity of the bore, making sure it is held to .0002" or less. Once the barrel has been profiled, it goes through magnetic particle inspection to make sure that the steel has no cracks or deformation. Headspace is 100% checked by hand using custom precision ground gauges. The Faxon Eagle logo is only engraved after additional checks on the completed product and is our external promise of quality.  

Q. Do you make your own barrels?

A. Yes!  We start with raw, stock steel and do everything in-house from gun drilling to rifling to thermal stress relieving and profiling.   

Q. What treatment do you use on your barrels?

A. All of our barrels receive a QPQ Salt Bath Nitride finish.  This finish treats and hardens the surface of the steel to protect it from corrosion and increase longevity. We DO NOT Q.P.Q. Salt Bath Nitride extensions. Extensions are black oxide finished to match the barrels (or coated in Nickle-Teflon for the Match Series barrels) and left in their original heat-treated state for maximum strength and safety. 

Pistol barrels and limited runs of rifle barrels also receive a PVD coating after nitride. OEM manufactured barrels are treated/coated to the customer’s request.   

Q. What kind of accuracy can I expect from an ARAK?

A. We have been able to stay constantly under an inch at 100 meters off a bench with good ammunition and suitable optics.

Q. What kind of barrel life can I expect?

A. Total barrel life will vary depending on caliber, level of use, quality of ammunition used and cleaning/maintenance schedule.  Generally, we expect our barrels to have a lifespan of between 20,000 and 30,000 rounds with regular cleaning and maintenance and mild use (not being shot extensively while hot).  That being said, we have some barrels used for demonstration and testing purposes that exceed 30,000 rounds fired and are still going strong!   

Q. What is rate of twist for each caliber?

A. 1/8 for all calibers including 5.56, 300 BLK, and 7.62x39. The fast twist for 7.62x39 is great for all common loadings and ideal for heavy 147 grain loads. 

Q. Are any ARAK parts interchangeable with an standard AR parts?

A. Some, but only a few in the bolt. The only common parts are the firing pin, the ejector spring, and the extractor spring. All of the parts and part sets that you will require will be available on our website. Note, the bolt is not cross compatible


Q. What pin sizes are used on your gas blocks?

A. The pinned gas block uses a 3/32"x3/8" roll pin where it pins to the barrel, and a 5/64"x5/16" roll pin for the gas tube. 


I have a question not listed here.  What should I do? 

Please contact us!  We are always happy to “talk shop” and answer questions regarding our products!  You can reach us via email: customerservice@faxonfirearms.com 

Or via phone: 513-280-8861 


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