Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Nov 14th 2016

Technical Interface Documents - Faxon Barrels

One of the most common questions our Customer Service team receives is, "Will (X) bolt / carrier group work with your barrel?" Most of the time, the answer is "Yes!" as AR-15 parts work off of the same military specification. 

Unfortunately, this same specification is not available across all platforms and calibers. For example, LR-308 / AR-10s  (large frame AR's) are notorious for seemingly compatible products ultimately not working. 

To ensure correct matching of functional components, Faxon is publishing bolt headspacing specifications for its commonly manufactured barrels. These drawing can be used by the enthusiast, gunsmith, or OEM to ensure their products are compatible with Faxon offerings. Faxon warrants all its products to be within the "Go" headspace range assuming the bolt / carrier group matches the published specifications. 

ALL barrels should be checked by a competent person for headspace prior to usage. Faxon makes no claim, offers no warranty, nor takes any responsibility for the function of products that are outside these published specifications. 

To guarantee headspacing from Faxon, Faxon includes with the purchase of a bolt and barrel custom headspacing and laser engraving of the matched pair. 

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