Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Jan 9th 2017

Streamline Handguard Installation Instructions

Faxon Firearms and the staff is honored you have chosen our handguard for your build. We built it just for your intended usage: rugged, modular, and slim. Installed correctly, the STREAMLINE handguards can take and give a beating through their rugged mounting system. 

Included With Handguard

  • Handguard, Hard Anodized
  • Barrel Nut, Black
  • 3x Cupped Hex Screws
  • 3x Hex Nuts
  • Hex Wrench

Extra Tools Needed:

  • Adjustable Large Crow's Foot Wrench (1 1/4")
  • Large Torque Bar (Optional)
  • Small Torque Wrench

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove any muzzle device and gas block from the barrel. Take the barrel nut and run it over the barrel, with the threaded end towards the breach and the end with the hex pattern towards the muzzle. 

2. Install the barrel into the upper receiver and hand-tighten the barrel nut to the upper receiver. 

3. Using the Crow's Foot Wrench, torque the barrel nut to 30-45 ft/lbs. Use the torque wrench/bar for detailed torque settings. 40 ft/lbs is recommended from the factory for best accuracy. 

4. Install your gas block per the manufacturer recommendations. Make sure to align the gas tube correctly. 

5. Slide the handguard over the barrel (it may take some small force to get the rail started over the barrel nut, that's okay). Seat fully against the upper receiver and align the rails at the top of the handguard and receiver. 

6. Install the hex nuts in their receptacles on the bottom of the rail and tighten the cupped hex screws until reasonably tight. The factory recommends 30 in/lbs. Use non-permanent thread locker for long-term installations. 

Having Issues or Missing Parts?

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