Statement On The Proposed ATF Pistol Brace Rule

Posted by Bob & Barry Faxon on Sep 2nd 2021

Statement On The Proposed ATF Pistol Brace Rule

Faxon Firearms LLC

Cincinnati, Ohio

From: Bob & Barry Faxon

As many of you know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has made a proposed rule (2021R-08) entitled, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces.’”

Regarding Faxon products specifically, this rulemaking from the ATF would impact our pistol-configured AR items. Most notable would be the pistol-configured versions of our following complete firearms:

  • ARAK-21® Pistol(s)
  • Bantam Pistol 9mm PCC
  • ION Ultralight Pistol
  • Ascent AR15 Pistol

We outfit the above pistol-configured firearms with the outstanding SBA3 Brace from the good people at SB Tactical. They have been very vocal about their stance on the proposed rule(s). You can find their statements in the following link:

Internally, we feel that this could even impact (or eventually impact) items such as pistol barrels for the AR platform. Should brace manufacturers be prohibited from current designs (such as the SBA3), there is a chance that many of the firearms we currently classify as pistols could be deemed Short Barreled Rifles (or, SBR’s) by the ATF. SBR’s, as it stands, have many more regulations than standard, rifle-length, AR’s. We encourage you to read the official ATF article in this link:

After reading, we would also encourage you to submit a comment on the proposed ATF rule through the Federal Register. The public can take advantage of the comment period through September 8, 2021, by mail, fax, or the Federal eRulemaking Portal at Please see below for a direct link.

As you have heard us say and seen us post many times before, we believe in The Fellowship of Firearms. Although this rule proposal is making waves in the firearms industry, we all have an opportunity to make our voices heard during this open comment period. It is an opportunity we feel all our brothers and sisters in this Fellowship should rise to.

To contribute:

  1. Visit using this hyperlink
  2. Click the “Comment” button on the "Proposed Rule"
  3. Leave your comment
  4. Add email address (optional)
  5. Choose to share your thoughts as an Individual, an Organization, or remain Anonymous
  6. Complete reCAPTCHA and click "Submit Comment"

As always, we thank you for your continual support of our products and team at Faxon Firearms.

Signed in The Fellowship of Firearms™,

- Bob Faxon

- Barry Faxon