Most Accurate 22 Rifle at 100 Yards

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Most Accurate 22 Rifle at 100 Yards

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When it comes to precision shooting, having the most accurate 22 rifle at 100 yards can make a world of difference.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a small game hunter, or simply enjoy hitting the bullseye with unmatched precision, finding the right rifle is crucial.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the realm of 22 rifles and pinpoint the 22 rifle that exhibits the highest level of accuracy when shooting at a distance of 100 yards.

Faxon FX22, Crimson Trace Rimfire scope, and CCI Stingers

So, grab your coffee, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of precision rimfire shooting!

What Makes a 22 Rifle Accurate at 100 Yards?

Before we delve into the specific rifle we’ve chosen, it’s essential to understand the factors that contribute to accuracy at 100 yards. Here are the key elements to consider:

Barrel Quality and Length

The quality and length of the barrel play a significant role in determining a rifle’s accuracy. A well-crafted barrel with precise rifling and a suitable length can stabilize the bullet and minimize its deviation, resulting in improved accuracy.

Known for their phenomenal rifle and pistol barrels, Faxon Firearms has stepped into the rimfire barrel game in a big way.


$229.00 at Faxon Firearms VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

The barrel used here is manufactured from 416-R stainless steel, given 6 groove rifling at a 1:16 twist, and a Recessed Target Crown. Additionally, the barrel is finished in a Black Nitride for added protection from the elements.

Action Type

Different action types, such as bolt action, semi-automatic, and lever action, have varying degrees of accuracy.

Bolt action rifles are known for their exceptional precision due to their inherent design, which locks the bolt tightly into the barrel, minimizing movement during the firing process.

However, the FX22 bolt design by Faxon Firearms closes that gap significantly.


$135.00 at Faxon Firearms VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

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Trigger Quality

A crisp and consistent trigger is essential for accuracy. A smooth and light trigger pull enables shooters to achieve more precise shots, reducing the risk of jerking the trigger and throwing the shot.

Faxon utilizes the proven Ruger BX-Trigger in the FX22 rifles.


$74.99 at Primary Arms VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

One of the standout features of the BX-Trigger® is its significantly reduced pull weight. While the standard 10/22® trigger typically has a pull weight of around 6 pounds, the BX-Trigger® brings this down to approximately 2.75 pounds.

This reduced pull weight translates into a smoother and more responsive trigger pull, allowing for greater accuracy and control over those longer shots.

Ammunition Selection

Choosing the right ammunition is vital for accuracy. Factors like bullet weight, velocity, and bullet design can affect the trajectory and stability of the bullet, ultimately impacting accuracy.

Our two favorites are CCI Stinger and Lapua Center-X.

CCI Stingers are the gold standard in small game hunting. They are fast, accurate, and deadly thanks to its copper-plated 32-grain hollow point bullet.


$7.99 at Kentucky Gun Co VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

Lapua Center-X is generally accepted as the gold standard for long-range .22 LR shooting.


$215.00 at MaxAmmoDepot VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

If you’re shooting in competitive matches that are 100 yards or more, then Lapua Center-X is your ticket.


Having high-quality optics, such as scopes, can greatly enhance accuracy by providing a clear sight picture and magnification for precise target acquisition.

Getting an optic specifically designed for the 22LR round, such as the Crimson Trace Brushline Rimfire, is going to greatly increase your accuracy out to 100 yards.


$194.99 at Crimson Trace VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

The Crimson Trace Brushline 4-12x40mm scope with the BDC Rimfire reticle has been specifically designed to enhance the hunting experience for those pursuing small game. This exceptional scope features a 1-inch tube constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, which not only makes it incredibly lightweight but also ensures its durability even in demanding conditions.

The scope has undergone rigorous environmental testing to guarantee its reliability, and it has been nitrogen-purged to prevent fogging, making it completely waterproof. Furthermore, its shockproof design ensures that it can withstand the bumps and jolts commonly encountered in the field.

One of the standout features of this scope is the MOC (Multi-Coated) ELD (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass, which provides exceptional clarity and optimal light transmission. This advanced glass technology ensures a sharp and vivid image, allowing hunters to spot their targets with ease.

The magnification ring and turret of this scope are designed with aggressive knurling, enabling effortless adjustments. This means that hunters can quickly and accurately adjust their magnification levels and make precise turret movements without any difficulties.

Overall, the Crimson Trace Brushline 4-12x40mm scope with the BDC Rimfire reticle offers hunters a superb optic that combines lightweight construction, durability, weather resistance, superior glass quality, and ease of use.

Most Accurate 22 Rifle at 100 Yards: Faxon FX22

The Faxon Firearms FX22 line of firearms is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled plinking and target shooting experience.

This exceptional line encompasses a diverse selection of rifles and a pistol, all meticulously chambered in the versatile and cost-effective 22 Long Rifle cartridge.

Irrespective of whether you are a novice or an expert marksman, the FX22 line offers steadfast and precise firearms suitable for a wide array of shooting endeavors, ranging from casual backyard plinking to competitive shooting events.

The FX22 line presents an extensive array of configurations to cater to your specific preferences, including rifles with various barrel lengths, handguard styles, and stocks, along with a compact pistol option. This ensures that there is an FX22 firearm ideally suited to fulfill your unique requirements.

As a result, these firearms have gained tremendous popularity among shooters of all skill levels who seek both reliability and precision. If you are in pursuit of a versatile and cost-effective line of firearms designed explicitly for plinking and target shooting, look no further than the remarkable Faxon Firearms FX22 line. It is your ultimate solution.

Faxon FX22 Grey Birch MFG Chassis

Out of all the options available in the FX22 platform, the Grey Birch MFG Chassis is our favorite.


$1,400.00 at Faxon Firearms VIEW DETAILS
Prices accurate at time of writing

The FX22 is our favorite rifle due to its exceptional features and top-notch construction. It is built with the Grey Birch MFG “La Chassis," providing a solid and reliable platform for shooting. The chassis is constructed from Grey Birch polymer, which offers durability and stability while keeping the overall weight of the rifle low.

One of the standout features of the FX22 is its 16" Medium Fluted Barrel made from high-quality 416-R Stainless Steel. This barrel not only ensures durability but also offers exceptional precision. The fluting helps to reduce weight and improve heat dissipation, making it an excellent choice for extended shooting sessions. The barrel is finished with Black Nitride, providing added protection against corrosion and wear while giving the rifle a sleek and attractive appearance.

The sporter chamber type and 1:16 twist rate make the FX22 well-suited for hunting and reliable performance. The 1/2×28 muzzle thread pitch allows for easy installation of various muzzle devices, giving you the flexibility to customize your shooting experience according to your preferences.

The FX22 receiver is constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum, known for its strength and light weight. It is finished with a Black Hardcoat Anodize, ensuring long-lasting durability even under challenging conditions. The integrated 0-MOA 1913 Picatinny Rail on the receiver makes it effortless to mount your favorite optics and accessories, enhancing the rifle’s versatility.

The bolt of the FX22 is made of 17-4 Stainless Steel, renowned for its corrosion resistance and strength. The firing pin profile is round, ensuring reliable ignition and consistent performance. The Tandemkross® Spartan Skeletonized Charging Handle allows for quick and easy charging, adding to the overall convenience and efficiency of the rifle.

Another notable feature of the FX22 is the inclusion of the Ruger® BX-Trigger®. This trigger offers a light and crisp ~2.75 lb trigger pull, enabling precise and accurate shooting. With this trigger, you can expect improved accuracy and better control over your shots, making it an excellent choice for target shooting or enhancing your shooting skills.

In conclusion, the FX22 stands out as our favorite rifle due to its outstanding combination of features. From its durable and precision-made barrel to its lightweight and sturdy receiver, this rifle offers reliability, accuracy, and versatility. With the added convenience of the Tandemkross® Spartan Skeletonized Charging Handle and the superb Ruger® BX-Trigger®, the FX22 provides an exceptional shooting experience for both hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How accurate is a .22 at 100 yards?

While the .22 LR demonstrates effectiveness within a range of 150 yards (140 meters), its typical effective range is considerably shorter.

When using a high-velocity 22-caliber round at a distance of 100 yards, the bullet will, on average, deviate 5-6 inches below your line of sight. At 150 yards, this deviation increases to 20 inches.

For squirrels and rabbits, the maximum effective range is usually 75 to 100 yards, with a more realistic range of 25 to 50 yards, depending on the rifle and the shooter. Bullet drop becomes negligible within such ranges.

What is the most accurate 22 rimfire?

When it comes to accurate .22 rimfire rifles, one notable option that stands out is the Faxon FX22. The FX22 is renowned for its exceptional precision and reliability, making it a top contender for shooters seeking a highly accurate rimfire rifle.

The Faxon FX22 boasts a range of features that contribute to its accuracy. It is equipped with a 16" Medium Fluted Barrel made from high-quality 416-R Stainless Steel, ensuring both durability and precision.

The FX22’s sporter chamber type and 1:16 twist rate further contribute to its accuracy. This chamber type and twist rate combination ensures reliable performance and precise bullet stabilization, resulting in improved shot placement at various distances.

The FX22’s bolt, made of 17-4 Stainless Steel, ensures reliable function and contributes to consistent accuracy. The firing pin profile is round, further promoting reliable ignition and shot consistency.

Additionally, the FX22 is equipped with a Ruger® BX-Trigger®, which offers a light and crisp ~2.75 lb trigger pull. This trigger enhances accuracy by providing a smooth and consistent trigger break, allowing shooters to maintain precise control over their shots.

What is the most accurate 22 caliber cartridge?

The .22 Long Rifle (LR) is widely regarded as a highly accurate .22 caliber cartridge, suitable for a variety of shooting applications.

The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (.22 WMR) offers increased velocity and energy, contributing to improved accuracy at longer distances.

Lastly, the .22 Hornet, although a centerfire cartridge, is recognized for its exceptional accuracy in specialized firearms. Ultimately, individual preferences, shooting scenarios, and firearm compatibility play a significant role in determining the most accurate .22 caliber cartridge for each shooter.


Finding the most accurate 22 rifle at 100 yards can greatly enhance your shooting experience and precision.

The Faxon FX22 series of 22 rifles offer exceptional accuracy, build quality, and features that cater to both beginners and experienced marksmen.

Remember to consider factors like barrel quality, action type, trigger, and ammunition selection when making your choice.

Whether you’re hitting the range for practice or heading into the field for small game hunting, the Faxon FX22 will be your trusted companion.