Inventory Update | August 28, 2020

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Aug 28th 2020

Inventory Update | August 28, 2020

Like many of our peers in the firearms industry these days, we get many questions each day about inventory.

"When will_____ be back in stock?"

"Why don't you make more ____?"

"I can't find ____!"

"Are you still making _____?"

Please know that we understand your frustration. We feel we can speak for many other firearms manufacturers in saying that 2020 has been an unprecedented year for the demand of both full firearms as well as parts and accessories.

We do appreciate your love and desire for our products. For that, we are incredibly grateful. We are working diligently to put as many Faxon Firearms products in your hands as possible.

For the sake of transparency to our amazing firearms family, we want to share some insights with you.

  • We are in full-blown production of all of our products and have been for months. We have been adding new machines to our floor and more staff to our team regularly.
  • Most of you know, as well, that we are in the process of moving to a new facility that will continue to increase our production and service.
  • With this move, we're not even stopping production. Many manufacturers go through a 'shut-down' period during a move. However, we continue production each day.

"So, if you're making stuff... why don't we see it on your website?"

  • We love that so many people enjoy shopping at But, you may not know that we actually prioritize dealer orders over our own eCommerce site.
  • For example, if we make 100 FX-19 Hellfires, and we have dealer orders for 100 or more... those Hellfires are going to the dealers.
  • As you can imagine, firearms dealers all over the country need about as much inventory as they can get. Many times, these dealers will have what you're looking for before it is available at
  • We have encouraged our dealers to tag us in social media posts so our audience knows when they have our products ready to sell. We've also seen dealers skim our social comments to inform folks that they have what they're looking for... which is great!

"So what should I do if I'm waiting for something to come back in stock?"

  • We encourage our customers to sign-up for in-stock notifications on our website, as well as websites of our dealer network as early and often as you can.
  • The in-stock notifications are released in serial order. This means if you signed up for a notification in August, but someone else signed-up in July... that person will receive a notification first.
  • If we know a product is about to be in stock on our website, but we have a massive amount of in-stock notifications for it... we don't even post about having the inventory so the notification-holders have a chance to buy the product.
  • With that in mind, contacting Customer Service for product ETA's won't give you any insider info. Please use our recommendations for in-stock notifications to keep our Customer Service Team operating efficiently.
  • It is not uncommon for us (and many others) to add inventory to our website in the morning, and by the time the evening comes around that same inventory is sold out. We've even had limited edition and B-Stock items sell out within a day.
  • We have even had product spotlights go live in the morning (usually 5 am EST), and by lunchtime, we're getting comments and messages telling us our spotlighted product is already out of stock.

One last question we get a lot...

"I thought you guys said you would have ARAKs in the spring?"

  • ... we did! And they sold out before they even hit our website. More ARAKs and new developments with the platform are currently underway, and we're really excited about it!

Some folks like to call us out in social media comments for posting pictures of products that aren't in-stock on our website. Again... we are making these products. Our goal in social media is not just to show you what is in-stock. Our goal is to keep our products and media front-and-center to remind folks of our offerings, and to help advertise our products for our dealer network.

Again, Faxon Firearms is proud to be in the firearms family with all of you. We appreciate your love for our brand and products. We also appreciate you sticking with us and all of our peers in the firearms industry during this crazy time.

We're here. We're growing. We're excited to continue our commitment to the firearms community for 2020 and beyond!