Integral Barrel Overview

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Mar 23rd 2020

Integral Barrel Overview

Innovation and meeting market needs are in our DNA at Faxon Firearms. The Integral Barrel is no exception.

Since the 2019 launch, these barrels have been picking up steam in a variety of different ways. With that in mind, we want to give you a one-stop article to answer some questions about them.

*What Are They?

In short, they're a barrel and a muzzle device all in one piece. No threads. No pin-and-weld.

They are machined in-house from solid steel like all of our barrels.

*What Need Do They Meet?

We've found that they meet a variety of needs. However, the biggest is to meet the 16" barrel requirement from the ATF.

Since the barrel and muzzle device are indeed one piece, the total length is 16". To the end-user, it's as if you're using a 14.5" barrel plus a 1.5" muzzle device.

*Are They Good for Lightweight Builds?
The lightweight builders have loved these!
When you're trying to shave extra grams off your rifle, the pencil profile integrals are a great asset. Many lightweight builders have told us that the integral barrels weigh less than their pin-and-weld counterparts.
*Will a Gas Block Fit Over The Muzzle Device?

*Will the Barrel Nut Fit Over The Muzzle Device?

*Can You Attach A Suppressor to Them?
No. There is currently no version of a suppressor that can be attached to them.

*Are They Target Crowned?
Yes. They are crowned at the termination of the barrel rifling before the muzzle device begins.

*Are They Accurate?
The Integral Barrels go through the same battery of testing as all of our other barrels for accuracy and durability.

*Are They Legal in My State?
Since there is no threading, they comply with laws against threaded barrels. However, some states may have laws against certain muzzle devices (ie, muzzle brake vs. flash hider).

*Are They Better Than a Pin-and-Weld or Threaded Barrels?
Simply put, they meet a need that pin-and-weld and/or threaded barrels can't. It's not that they're "better" than the alternatives, but they certainly help you get to your 16" length requirement without needing a skilled gunsmith for the pin-and-weld, and they help the builders who are not allowed to have threaded barrels in their state.