Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Aug 24th 2016

Frequently Asked Questions: Which BCG?

Ours, of course! 

Faxon is proud to offer a premium bolt carrier groups for the 5.56 and 300 Blackout calibers. Carriers are available in both a standard full-auto compatible M-16 style carrier and a lightweight GUNNER configuration. Our bolts and carriers use premium materials.

Buying a Non Faxon BCG

Outside of the Faxon offering, choosing a bolt and carrier group is a deeply personal question. There are an incredible variety of coatings, profiles, weights, and materials used for AR-15s, all of which have their unique application. Faxon does not have any preference other than to recommend that a customer purchases an offering from an established and reputable company.

The bolt and carrier, outside the barrel, are the primary pressure-containing components. We do not recommend going “cheap” as those parts are helping keep 60,000 PSI pointing down-range!

If one buys a non-Faxon BCG, it must be checked for headspace using precision gauges.

The Key is Headspacing

The distance between the shoulder diameter and the bolt face in battery is commonly called “headspace.” This is a critical measurement for both the function of the rifle and your personal safety. Too tight of heads pacing can cause an overpressure situation and too much can cause a rupture, both potentially catastrophic failures.

Headspacing MUST be checked if one does not buy the pre-checked bolt and/or complete carrier group from Faxon. This includes Faxon bolts purchased separately from barrels. For details on this measurement and instructions on how to check, please see our article here.

So What has Faxon Tested Directly for 5.56?

We have great relationships with companies across the industry. We have worked with many to ensure that bolts and barrels are compatible. The companies listed below are known “good to go” offerings. Some of the companies listed manufacture bolts & carriers for other well-known companies. This list is not complete.

  • AIM Surplus
  • St. Croix Tactical
  • Azimuth Machine & Tool
  • BCM
  • Colt
  • Remington & All Subsidiary Companies (DPMS, Bushmaster, Etc.)
  • RCA / H&M
  • Young Manufacturing
  • JP Enterprises
  • & More!

What About .308 Bolts & Carriers?

Good question! The .308 world does not have the same standardization that the 5.56/300 BLK platform has. As such, its critical to ensure that you select a bolt / carrier group that is DPMS “Gen 1 / LR-308” compatible. Various OEMs are well-known for quality in this area including:

  • AIM Surplus
  • AERO Precision
  • Next Level Armament
  • Remington / DPMS **Just make sure its not the “GII”, shorter platform version.**
  • JP Enterprises
  • & More!

Like the 5.56 list, this is not exhaustive or complete. Always check with the BCG OEM to see if they are “LR-308” compatible.