Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Aug 26th 2016

Frequently Asked Questions: Stock, Back-orders, & Lead Times

We're thrilled, honored, and humbled by so many customers putting Faxon as their first choice for their barrels. It is truly awesome to work with passionate customers and delivery 

Demand is at an all-time high for our products and we are working furiously not just to catch-up, but to get ahead and continue the release of new products matching our innovation and quality standards. 

My Chosen Barrel is Out of Stock. When Will It Be Back In?

Unfortunately, due to increasing dealer demand, production schedules, and shifting production priorities, we cannot advise on specific product lead times.  

We ALWAYS have a run of a configuration in-production or in-stock. Typical maximum lead times at about 8 weeks, but we normally have started new production runs well before the barrels go out-of-stock. 

Can I Place a Back-Order?

We're sorry, but we cannot accept back-orders through our website. Dealers may place back-orders through their assigned Dealer Sales Manager. 

Can You Notify Me When It is Back In-Stock?

Yes, at least on our own website!

Each product has the option for back-in-stock notifications. These e-mails are generated in real-time, so as soon as you see it in your inbox, the product is on our website and available for purchase. We recommend you move quickly, as in-demand items tend to sell out quickly. 

Note that dealers can place back-orders so we will fulfill their demand first before listing product for direct retail sale. It is possible that dealer orders may cover an entire production run. 

Can You Tell Me When a Barrel Will Ship to a Dealer?

No. Dealer orders to Faxon are confidential. Please contact your dealer who can advise on rough lead times. 

What Are You Doing to Make More?

Production at Faxon is running around the clock and weekends! We are constantly working to increase capacity. 

Faxon always has more machines on order. Machines for barrel manufacturing are highly specialized and have long lead-times. 

To staff them, we always are in-demand for talented employees, especially machinists to help turn raw gun-barrel quality bar-stock into a premium barrel. From greenhorn to experienced lathe programmers, see our openings on our Open Positions page.