Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Aug 26th 2016

Frequently Asked Questions: Does Faxon Dimple Their Barrels?

In a short-answer, no. 


 We believe it valuable for customers understand our reasons:

  1. Adding the dimple would break through the corrosion resistant nitride layer on the barrel since we drill our gas ports after nitriding. Since most customers do not use a dimple, adding an unprotected path for corrosion is not advisable.
  2. The dimple pattern is not standard across the industry. What works for one company or pattern will not work with many others. 
  3. A dimple is easy to complete at home for those looking to add it. If we added it in production for all barrels, it would add a full operation for itself, increasing lead times, cost, and price to the customer. 

But What About Your Gas Block? It Uses Set Screws?

It does, but the dimple is not needed.

  1. We use three set screws instead of the common two.
  2. Faxon uses "flush cup" screws. The cupped screws each "bite" into the steel and when combined with the recommended thread-locking compound (either red Loc-Tite or RockSett), the gas block is locked into place. 

What About OEMs? We've Seen Dimples on Your Barrels Through Other Companies?

While Faxon does not generally dimple barrels that we offer under our own brand, we have dimpled barrels that we manufacture for others. Those OEMs have met our minimum requirements for a custom run of barrels and opted to pay for the extra machining step. 

When we custom manufacture a barrel, it is to a customer's print. We generally do not set the dimple's location, size, depth, etc.

Warranty Notification: 

Faxon Firearms does not recommend dimpling until the system is fully checked. 

If you feel the need to dimple the barrel, we suggest prior to dimpling, installing the gas block with the set screws and test the system. Once proper function is confirmed, you may dimple the barrel.

NOTE: Your warranty may be voided if dimpling is not performed by a gunsmith.