Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Oct 31st 2016

Frequently Asked Questions: Are Your Threads Concentric? Will (X) Suppressor Work?

Short answer - YES!

Are your Threads Concentric?

All Faxon barrels are machined and guaranteed to be concentric with the bore of the barrel. Faxon takes great pains to turn the barrels true to the bore during the machining process to produce supremely accurate alignment of the threads to the barrel bore. 

Will (X) Suppressor Work?

Yes! Assuming that the suppressor manufacturer has made a quality product. For direct-thread suppressors, Faxon has taken the the extra time to machine a relief behind the main threads before the barrel shoulder to account for any suppressor design. 

If using a suppressor that mounts via a "quick-disconnect" (Q/D) mount, make sure to follow the suppressor manufacturer's instructions how how to mount and time your Q/D adapter to the barrel. If the suppressor manufacturer specifies that hard shims are used, make sure to following the recommendation! 

Do not use a crush washer to mount a Q/D adapter to a barrel. Crush washers can push muzzle devices out of alignment and cause a baffle strike?

If you have a detailed question on an interface document, contact our Customer Service and will be happy to evaluate the drawing with a detailed reply. 

Does Faxon Recommend a Particular Suppressor?

We machine our barrels to common industry specifications to ensure that any quality can from a good company can be mounted and shot safely. 

There are many great companies manufacturing suppressors. We encourage our customers to pick the suppressor that best matches their needs.