Faxon Firearms Announces First Monthly “PICK YOUR BARREL” Contest

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Nov 23rd 2015

Faxon Firearms Announces First Monthly “PICK YOUR BARREL” Contest

(Cincinnati, OH)- Faxon Firearms, innovators in the firearms industry, is proud to announce the opening of their first monthly “PICK YOUR BARREL” contest. The winner, will be able to pick any barrel that Faxon Firearms manufactures.

The PICK YOUR BARREL contest will run monthly with entries resetting each month. For signing up, entrants will receive one entry, but bonus entries are available for sharing the contest across social media, forums, and other outlets. Winners will be randomly chosen from the entries on the 2ndof each following month with shipment as soon as possible thereafter.

“With the incredible variety of calibers, profiles, and chamberings, we knew we could not limit any contest to a specific barrel,” said Nathanial Schueth, Director of Sales & Marketing. “Each customer has unique needs and one may want the FLAME, another a GUNNER, and more one our lauded Pencil barrels.”

The contest is hosted directly by Faxon Firearms. Prospective entrants can view the contest and enter atwww.faxonfirearms.com/contestThe contest is free-to-enter and users are only required to provide their name and e-mail address. Information collected will only be used by Faxon Firearms.

Faxon Firearms continues to bring quality innovations to the firearms industry. From the ARAK platform upper receivers to top-of-the-line complete rifle systems and components, Faxon Firearms is a leader in constant evolution in the firearms and MSR marketplace.

For more information on Faxon Firearms visitwww.faxonfirearms.com. For press enquires contact Josh Sykes atjosh@blueaugust.com