Four Season Fighters | Episode 66: Faxon Blog & Podcast

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Apr 21st 2022

Four Season Fighters | Episode 66: Faxon Blog & Podcast


This week on the show, Dustin and Emily take some time to chat with Zach Ames, President & Co-Founder of the non-profit organization, Four Season Fighters.

Zach is a career firefighter with Bothell Fire in Bothell, Washington. Prior to becoming a firefighter, Zach served 6 1/2 years in the U.S. Army where he did two tours: Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2010 and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012.

Zach’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, golfing, camping, motocross, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors. Zach’s favorite activity is spending time with his wife, Bri, and three daughters, Emersyn, Sailym, and Olive.

From the Four Season Fighters website:

Helping veterans, firefighters, and police officers whose lives have been altered permanently because of the sacrifices they made while serving our country and communities, making what they once thought impossible, possible.
When we started out on this journey, it wasn’t only because we wanted to help those who have served our country and communities, it was because we had to help those who have served. Everyday men and women put their lives on the line to protect us. Some make the ultimate sacrifice; some make sacrifices that end up changing how they live their lives forever — things most of us take for granted daily. Our goal is to repay those individuals by helping them pursue physical activities they once thought were out of reach — either because they didn’t have the will, or because they didn’t think they were physically able.

Learn more about Four Season Fighters by CLICKING HERE!

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