Accurizing An AR15

Posted by on Feb 24th 2023

Accurizing An AR15

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While an AR-15 may seem like a relatively uncomplicated machine with only about 200 parts that can be assembled with a hammer, pin punch, and basic knowledge, achieving extreme accuracy with this firearm is not always an easy task.

Every part or piece of an AR-15 can affect how accurate it is, which makes it hard to know where to start when building or modifying it for accuracy.

Ultimately, the extent to which you can improve accuracy depends on the amount of money you are willing to invest and the number of strategies you want to implement at once.

Accurizing An AR15 To Boost Performance and Accuracy

Establish What Parts You’re Going to Upgrade

When figuring out how accurate your AR-15 is, you need to look closely at each part to find any possible factors that could be affecting your results.

Some common ways to make a rifle more accurate are to change the barrel, upgrade the upper receiver, upgrade the bolt, put in a better trigger, use floating handguards, and choose better optics.

By paying close attention to each of these parts and making smart upgrades, you can make your AR-15 much more accurate and improve its overall performance.

High-Quality Barrel

Faxon Firearms produces exceptional barrels that offer both value and quality. These barrels are crafted entirely in-house, from start to finish, ensuring top-notch results.

To guarantee superior accuracy, every barrel undergoes a full stress-relief process, air-gauge testing, and 11-degree target crowning.


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Prices accurate at time of writing

The foundation of these barrels is built on using only the finest materials. Faxon Firearms sources certified 4150 Mil-Spec steel or 416-R Stainless for their barrels. At each stage of the manufacturing process, each barrel undergoes rigorous testing, culminating in a Nitride finish and final inspection.

To ensure consistent quality, every barrel is individually checked for headspace using custom-hardened gauges. The Match Series of barrels represents the pinnacle of Faxon Firearms’ performance and value.

These barrels are crafted in-house using gun-barrel-quality bar stock, and they start with 416-R in 5R rifling. 5R rifling is a unique hybrid rifling system that features lands opposite grooves, with reduced sharp angles that minimize jacket deformation, increase velocity, and make cleaning easy.

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High-Quality Bolt Carrier Group

Whether you are building a new AR-15 from scratch or just want to improve the one you already have, the BCG is probably the part that you should think about the most.

A lightweight BCG is made for a rifle with an adjustable gas block and a builder who is willing to take the time to tune the gun.

The heavier standard bolt carrier groups, like the M16 BCG, work better with any type of gas system and any type of ammunition.

Faxon has you covered whether you need a lightweight BCG for finely tuned guns or a BCG that will run just about anything.

I like to have a gun that works no matter what kind of ammunition I put in it or what the weather is like outside. So, in my AR-15, I use the Faxon M16 BCG.


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Prices accurate at time of writing

Faxon 5.56 M16 Bolt Carrier Group

“MIL-SPEC" was just a starting point for Faxon, so it worked to make sure its customers had the best options.

One of these options is to make the bolt out of 9310 tool steel and nitride the assembly to make the surface harder, lower the resistance, and make it more resistant to corrosion than a typical chrome and phosphate bolt carrier group.

All M16 bolt carrier groups go through a full MPI test to make sure the parts are good and have no flaws. The bolt lugs are cut at a 45-degree angle to make sure they work well even with the most powerful hand loads and fast, light actions.

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Tighten Up Your Barrel to Upper Reciever Fit

Tightening up the barrel to receiver fit, otherwise known as squaring the receiver, is another small trick in accurizing your AR-15.

There are two ways of doing this. The first and most affordable is by using Loctite.

If the barrel and upper receiver have the slightest wiggle, you can use Loctite as a bedding material to close that gap and create a solid union between the two. DO NOT put Loctite on the upper receiver threads.

Once applied to your barrel extension and pressed into the upper, this compound will bed the barrel, resulting in a tighter and more uniform fit once it has dried.


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Prices accurate at time of writing

The second method is lapping the face of the upper receiver.

You only need a lapping tool and some lapping compound to marginally and incrementally true the face of your upper receiver by wet sanding.

Using a lapping tool attached to an electric drill and a vise to keep the upper receiver upright and steady, you can quickly and accurately smooth the face of the upper receiver in just a few minutes.

This is an easy job to do if you take your time and keep an eye on things. Once the outer ring on the face of the upper is shiny and the anodizing has been stripped all the way around the circumference, your upper has been faced.


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Prices accurate at time of writing

Using a combination of the two is going to give you the best bang for your buck. If you do choose to go this route, you have to do them in the proper order. Do the lapping first before applying the Loctite for the bedding.

Mechanical Accuracy vs Shooter Accuracy

There is a big difference between mechanical accuracy and “shooter accuracy," also known as “practical accuracy."

Even if an AR15 can shoot sub-moa at 300 yards, that doesn’t mean it will be effective behind every person that shoots it.

You can help the situation by making it easier and more repeatable, even if you don’t have the skills needed to shoot accurately; skills like being able to control the trigger, aim well, and control your breathing.

Training and trigger time are the best ways to improve accuracy in the real world. But it doesn’t hurt to get a trigger that is as smooth as butter.

Geissele is at the top of our list for smooth AR15 triggers.


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Prices accurate at time of writing


Accurizing an AR15 can greatly improve its performance and accuracy.

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can transform your rifle from a standard out-of-the-box firearm into a customized, precise tool that is tailored to your specific needs.

From upgrading the barrel and trigger to optimizing the scope and ammunition, there are numerous ways to accurize an AR15 and achieve superior results.

By investing time, effort, and resources into accurizing your AR15, you can enhance your shooting experience, boost your confidence in your marksmanship skills, and ultimately enjoy greater success on the range or in the field.