Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Dec 5th 2016

9MM Barrel Compatibility with Reloads & SAAMI Specifications

Like many in the shooting world, we have come to embrace the fun with pistol caliber carbines. We thoroughly enjoy manufacturing and shooting the barrels, especially at competition! Likewise, we love the enthusiasm from our reloading customers on setting up their loads for our 9mm barrels. We get loads of questions on max over-all length (OAL), best combo's, etc. 

One of the most common issues we run into is customers who are loading to max OAL with heavy bullets or loading to custom lengths based off of their pistol's chambers. Many companies do not manufacture SAAMI compliant chambers either with long leads, added freebore, or other features. Faxon disagrees with this practice as SAAMI is an established third-party print that puts safety first. Faxon always manufactures and tests to SAAMI specifications.

For some customers, rounds are sticking in the chamber due to the ogive of the round hitting the leade. This is common when loading to max OAL or custom OAL. This is commonly an issue due to bullet design - which is not SAAMI specified to be compatible at OAL - they are to be compatible at common loading depths. All bullets are compatible with SAAMI, dependent on their seated length. Almost always, compatibility is restored by reducing OAL. Check with the bullet OEM on their loading details.

To assist all customers, Faxon is publishing its chambering information for the 9mm Luger caliber which is to the approved and current SAAMI specification. All Faxon barrels are manufactured and individually tested to meet these specifications. Faxon takes special care to ensure all chamber reamers are checked prior to chambering and post chambering with all barrels getting further headspace testing. 

Click Here for 9mm SAAMI specification.

Click here for Faxon's 9mm AR-15 headspace diagram. 

If a customer has an issue with any new, factory loaded ammunition, please contact Faxon Customer Service. We will be happy to be of assistance in diagnosing, repair, and replacement of any barrel. 

We stand, proudly, behind all product that Faxon manufactures!