40 S&W Conversion Barrels: Why Don't We Make Them

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Apr 21st 2023

40 S&W Conversion Barrels: Why Don't We Make Them

Conversion barrels for handguns are a popular choice for firearms enthusiasts who want to expand the capabilities of their firearms. However, Faxon Firearms does not currently produce conversion barrels and does not have any firm plans for them at this time.

One of the reasons why a manufacturer may choose not to produce conversion barrels is the limited, and often volatile, market demand. The market for conversion barrels can be limited, depending on the popularity of the original firearm, the availability of alternative conversion options, changes in consumer preferences, or even availability of ammunition. This can make it difficult for manufacturers to schedule production and justify its cost.

While we are aware that there is an uptick in the availability of Law Enforcement trade-in's chambered in .40 S&W that are being sold, and consumers are looking to convert to the cheaper and easier to come by 9x19 ammunition, it is not as simple as dropping in a standard 9mm barrel into your .40 S&W even though it may fit in the slide. Conversion barrels must be specifically designed to allow a different size cartridge to function in the firearm.

This is especially true when it comes to safety and reliability, as any issues with a conversion barrel could result in serious injury or damage to the firearm. For the conversion barrels on the market currently, there is significant engineering time and testing that has gone into these barrels to make them functional and safe to use in a firearm that was not intended to shoot a different caliber than the original cartridge that it was chambered in when it was originally produced. Maintaining strict quality control is also a crucial factor in producing a high-quality conversion barrel.

Given these factors, Faxon Firearms has decided not to produce conversion barrels. We are focusing our engineering and QC skills and resources on producing high-quality firearms and components that meet the needs and preferences of our customers, while also ensuring that they are safe and reliable.

Thanks to this focused effort, Faxon Firearms offers a wide range of high-quality firearms parts and accessories that can help you customize and optimize your firearm. Whether you're looking for a new barrelslide, or compensator, we have a variety of options to choose from to help you customize your pistol.

If you're interested in expanding the capabilities of your firearm, we recommend consulting with a qualified gunsmith or firearms expert to ensure that any modifications are safe and appropriate for your specific firearm.

Thank you for considering Faxon Firearms for your firearms needs. If you have any questions or concerns, our Customer Service team is always happy to assist you, they can be reached via email at, customerservice@faxonfirearms.com, or via phone at 513-280-8861.