Frequently Asked Questions: Does Faxon Offer Pinned Gas Blocks And What Are the Pin Specs?

Dec 7th 2016

Yes and No. For our retail customers, Faxon currently only offers its own and various adjustable gas blocks. These blocks vary from set-screw style to clamp-on depending on the manufacturer. These gas blocks are not pinned and we apologize, we do not offer the option for Faxon to do at the factory for individual retail sale at this time. For customers interested in pinned gas blocks, please see our dealer AIM Surplus. We manufacture barrels in large volume for AIM which allows us to cr
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Frequently Asked Questions: What Is Faxon's Rated Barrel Life?

Oct 31st 2016

We are often asked the question "how long will your barrels last?", "What is your barrel life?", or "How long will I shoot at sub MOA?" All of these are great questions! Unfortunately, the answer is difficult to formally specify as its subject to long list of variables.Since there is no detailed military specification on how to test "barrel life" commonly between companies, we do not formally rate the life of a barrel. Perhaps the biggest question is "Will my barrel last (X) rounds?". We ty
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Frequently Asked Questions: Stock, Back-orders, & Lead Times

Aug 26th 2016

We're thrilled, honored, and humbled by so many customers putting Faxon as their first choice for their barrels. It is truly awesome to work with passionate customers and delivery Demand is at an all-time high for our products and we are working furiously not just to catch-up, but to get ahead and continue the release of new products matching our innovation and quality standards. My Chosen Barrel is Out of Stock. When Will It Be Back In?Unfortunately, due to increasing dealer demand, p
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​Frequently Asked Questions: Which Gas System Length is Best for My AR?

Aug 23rd 2016

We are often asked about the gas system length is best for a specific barrel length. The answer to that question is combination of personal preference and technical requirements, but we are happy to assist with information that may help one pick what is best for them.Does it Matter for Function?Generally speaking, no. Faxon custom tested all their gas port diameters to ensure function with the given gas system length. If we offer it, it’s only after we are 100% confident that the gas port
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