OEM Manfacturing

Faxon Machining has been drilling holes for over 39 years. Tracing its roots back to manufacturing black powder muzzle loaders, Faxon has been delivering on-time and at-budget for over three decades. 

Faxon Firearms has delivered tens of thousands of barrels to discerning customers including HMG and LMG barrels put to the test in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Faxon is a full-service machine shop capable of manufacturing small runs to large programmatic deliveries.

Common components include:

  • Barrels for all platforms including rifles, handguns, and shotguns.
  • Precision rifle chassis and component parts
  • Custom bolt carrier groups

Small to Large Quantities

We love working with companies large and small. Minimum quantities for custom orders is only 50 units, which includes full customization of the part, start to finish. 



To us, its much more than a supplier-customer relationship, its a mutual investment between collaborative companies. 

For all our OEM customers we submit weekly reports on the exact status of your orders throughout production. 


Consistency, quality, and solid pricing has Faxon Firearms setting the standard for value. Many of our customers are dock-to-stock deployments. 


With over 20 years as a Tier 1 automotive supplier, we know the costs of shut-down production lines. From Just-In-Time to stocking partners, we scale our production to meet your needs. Solid relationships with raw material suppliers ensure your production is never disrupted. 


Building on partnerships and collaboration, we push the envelope of what is possible, always challenging static thoughts and entrenched industry. Rather than play the game, we like to change it. 


Need information on OEM production? Please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible: