Modular Magazine Extensions

Modular Magazine Extension Kits for Glock® G19 & Faxon FX-19

Modularity + Faxon Quality

Faxon Firearms Modular Magazine Extensions are rigorously tested with and engineered for the Glock® 19 and Faxon FX-19 handgun platform.


Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum with a type 2 anodize finish, the unique modularity of these extensions allows users to choose from a number of setups and finishes for their Glock® 19 pistol or Faxon FX-19 pistol.



- Black: +3, +5, Combo (+3 and +5)

- Gray: +3, +5, Combo (+3 and +5)

- Gold: Combo (+3 and +5)

- Red: Combo (+3 and +5)

- Blue: Combo (+3 and +5)

In The Box

All Faxon Modular Magazine Extension Kits include assembly screws, while +5 and combo kits also include a +5 compatible spring. +3 kits are OEM spring compatible.


Assembly and disassembly is easy. With the modularity of Faxon’s design, proper disassembly will not require any destruction of the spring to remove the extension.  
When assembled, screws should be torqued to 12-15 in/lbs. 

*Faxon Firearms Modular Magazine Extensions are tested for compatibility only with Glock® 19 OEM/factory magazines. These extensions are not recommended for aftermarket magazines. Faxon recommends use of the inner base plate of the existing magazine when installing a Faxon Firearms Modular Magazine Extension.  
3/32 Allen key is included* 

Faxon Firearms Magazine Extensions are backed by the Faxon Firearms Lifetime Guarantee. 

Tech Specs:

Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum 
Finish: Type 2 Anodize 


Width: 1.01in 
Height: 1.01in or .08in 
Length: 1.07in  
Length of +3 including mag: 5.06in 
Length of +5 including mag: 5.35in  


Loaded +5, 115 Grain: .79 lbs 
Unloaded +5: .27 lbs 
Loaded +3, 115 Grain: .71 lbs 
Unloaded +3: .24 lbs 


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