Faxon Streamline 15" AR15 G3 Aluminum M-LOK Handguard - Anodized

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Faxon’s Streamline handguards are a sleek and low-profile solution for those looking for a slimmer handguard with flexible mounting. The newest G3 line takes this up a notch by eliminating the extra, often unused rail along the top leaving just what is necessary for an accessory. The G3 also adds M-LOK slots at the top left and right facets for additional modularity. The handguard is 100% made in the USA from extruded 6061 aluminum, hard-coat anodized black and comes with a steel barrel nut. Mounting is extremely simple with common tools and the handguard features alignment tabs to ensure it cannot rotate during vigorous movement.


  • Extremely lightweight without sacrificing strength or rigidity
  • M-LOK attachment across 5 facets
  • Anti- rotation tab allows your handguard to lock onto either billet or mil-spec upper receivers, while not being able to rotate radially around the barrel nut.


  • Height (Flat to Flat): 1.54"
  • Max Outer Diameter (Peak to Peak): 1.67"
  • Max Inner Diameter: 1.34"
  • Construction: 6061 Aluminum - Hard Coat Anodized
  • Accessory Mounting: M-LOK

Installation Instructions:

  1. Torque barrel nut to industry specs using 1-1/4” wrench to at least 35ft/lbs but no more than 60ft/lbs. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
  2. Install handguard over the barrel nut aligning the upper receiver rail between the alignment tabs.
  3. Install locking plate into the recess on the handguard and thread both bolts through the handguard and into the locking plate. Torque bolts to 32 in/lbs.
  4. After the initial live fire test, check to make sure the bolts are still tight and not walking out.
6061 Aluminum


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    Streamline Handguard 15”

    Posted by Badude the Moose on Feb 12th 2024

    This handguard was purchased to replace the Wilson Combat handguard that came with a stripped receiver set+handguard. This Faxon system doesn’t require shims or the barrel nut landing at any specific point in order to bolt the handguard to it (precisely what I needed). The handguard is very light but extremely rigid. One thing to consider with the picatinny rail on top only being at the very front and rear of the handguard is where you’ll be putting your light’s pressure pad if you run such gizmos. Plenty of MLOK slots for the rest of your gadgets. I don’t personally run a foregrip, handstop, scales or any such similar stuff up front so the shape of this guard and lack of railing makes it great for a simple but solid grip. Cleared my Superlative Arms 3/4” adjustable gas block by a mile. Two thumbs up, A+, whatever you guys are using these days.

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    15" AR15 G2 Handguard

    Posted by Brandon Sebald on Jul 6th 2023

    I purchased the "G2" version last December and I am more than impressed. I had been looking for months for a specific handguard that met all of my needs. I wanted the slimmest and lightest hand guard I could find, nothing came close to this. I paired this up with a 16" match series pencil barrel, while running Aluminum Aero Precision upper and a SanTan Tactical lower. Naturally, I wanted the lightest handgurad available to go along, so I purchased this. I am in love with this hand guard, my only regret is not purchasing more of the "G2"s. The bad thing I could ever say about it was the coating is easy to scratch. I scratched an inside edge of one of the structural arms installing a foregrip. None the less it is very minor and I have no intention of running this through the ringer so it was of no concern to me.