Faxon Duty Series 18" Gunner, 5.56 NATO, Rifle-Length, 4150 QPQ Nitride AR-15 Barrel

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The Gunner profile is a blend of two of the best performing profiles of all time, Gov't and Pencil. Faxon's Gunner profile combines the durability of the Gov't profile with the weight savings and maneuverability of the Pencil profile. The Gunner profile brings the balance of the rifle back towards the shooter's body, limiting fatigue, and allowing for shooting, training, or hunting all day long.

Faxon Firearms barrels are the pinnacle of value. Manufactured in-house in Cincinnati, Ohio, Faxon barrels are fully stress relieved, air-gauge tested, and 11 degree target crowned to ensure superior accuracy. Quality is imbued into our barrels from the beginning of the manufacturing process.. We start with the best materials, either certified 4150 Mil-Spec steel or 416-R Stainless. From there, each barrel goes through a battery of tests at each operation until finished in Nitride and final inspected. All barrels are individually checked for headspace with precision PTG gauges.

  • Barrel Material: 4150 CMV
  • Barrel Type: Button Rifled 
  • Barrel Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel Twist: 1:8
  • Barrel Length: 18"
  • Barrel Profile: Gunner
  • Barrel Gas System: Rifle Length
  • Inside Finish: Nitride
  • Outside Finish: Nitride
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28
  • Gas Block Diameter: .625"
  • Gas Block Journal Length: 1.9"
  • Barrel Extension: M4
  • Weight: 1.58 lbs
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • 11-degree Target Crown
Barrel Caliber:
5.56 NATO
Barrel Profile:
Barrel Material:
4150 CMV
Rifling Twist Rate:
Muzzle Thread:
Gas Block Diameter:
Gas System Length:
Barrel Length:
Barrel Length Range:
16" - 18"


  • 5
    Love mine

    Posted by K Allred on Sep 26th 2016

    Had mine for just under a year, very accurate, and light, perfect for predator hunting.

  • 5
    Highly Accurate

    Posted by Dave on Aug 18th 2016

    Just put this barrel onto a new build. Light, rigid and still hits when it gets hot. Shoots 1/2 inch at 100 yds with Hornady TAP 75gr Hollow Point. IMI both 77 and 55 grain groups 1.25 inch. I also have a couple of Faxon 16 inch Pencil barrels and they too hold under an inch at 50 yds. For the price, you cannot do any better. This barrel is recommended without reservation.

  • 5
    Excellant barrel for the price.

    Posted by Andrew Brandenburg on Aug 17th 2016

    I bought this barrel for a friend's rifle build and couldnt have been happier with the quality and function of the barrel. Everything was to spec, it functioned perfectly, and with the few times that I shot it with cheap mil ammo it seems it will prove to be a very accurate build.

  • 5
    Great barrel on first lighweight build

    Posted by Jake on Aug 12th 2016

    I bought this barrel for a lightweight (4.5 lb) build, rather than a 16" pencil barrel as I wanted better accuracy from a slightly heavier profile and length. I have not been disappointed! Even with just iron sights, this barrel has given me consistent accuracy from prone and kneeling positions. The combination of length and weight were exactly what I was looking for and I got everything I needed from this barrel. If you want to make a lightweight build and don't need your rifle to be the absolute lightest it could possibly be, and want better accuracy look at this barrel as a choice over a pencil profile. Love it.

  • 5
    Excellent, practical barrel

    Posted by Josh on Aug 8th 2016

    This barrel is what I've been wanting companies to make for some time now. I've often looked back to the old M16A1 barrels - lightweight, reasonably accurate, rifle length gas system and that extra length to retain the velocity that the 5.56 really needs - and found that the only thing I was lacking was a fast enough twist to stabilize more modern bullets. This barrel has it all and it delivers with good accuracy. I've had excellent results so far with Barnes 69 OTM and 70 X bullets and the Sierra 69's as well. Yes, it heats up rather quickly, but it still shoots great once it does. Pair it with a 15" handguard (mine is the Faxon) and you have good heat protection and no handguard influence on the shots. You end up with a lightweight rifle you can use offhand or off a rest and really be a jack of all trades. Well done, Faxon!

  • 5
    Great accurate, lightweight barrel

    Posted by Chris on Jun 29th 2016

    Used this barrel to get an accurate and light gun (4lbs). Coupled it with an adjustable, blow-by/off gas key and an aluminum BCG. All on a polymer upper and lower. Despite a polymer upper, this thing is accurate. Its the weight that I love the most, or lack thereof.

  • 5

    Posted by DAK on May 25th 2016

    I wasn't sure about this barrel but thought I would give it a try and I'm glad I did. It's light weight and looks great. 1st group at 50 yards to make sure I was on paper with the new scope and all three shots were touching. After getting the scope dialed in shot three three shot groups and they were all less then 1 inch with3 different brands and weights of ammo. I was only using sand bags and am not a great shooter but I have way more expensive barrels from alot of big name companies and haven't shot that good with any of them. This barrel is more accurate then the average shooter can shoot. A big thumbs up

  • 5
    Great Barrel !!!!

    Posted by captpgb on Apr 30th 2016

    I'm very impressed with this barrel! Even with my old eyes and Iron sights I had less then a 1" group ! I'm sure that the barrel is better then my shooting will allow, but it is lite and easy to bring on target and the rifle length gas system allows you to stay on target easier for quick follow ups. Quality Barrel !!!

  • 5
    fantastic Barrel

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2016

    I'm hooked on these Fazon Gunner barrels, awesome fit and finish. Was able to complete my build and spent the weekend putting some rounds through it. Amazing accuracy and very light weight, thanks.