Bolt Action

Prepare for a new era in the Fellowship of Firearms® with Faxon Firearms' FX7 Line of Bolt Action Products.

This groundbreaking collection includes Precision Rifles, Barreled Actions, Prefit Barrels, and Complete Actions, meticulously engineered for uncompromising accuracy and reliability, all backed by Faxon's Lifetime Guarantee.


Action Material: 416 Stainless

Bolt Material: 4340 Carbon Steel

Coating: DLC & Nitride Options (pending)

Lugs/Throw: 6 Lug (2 rings of 3) 70 Degree Throw

Integral Recoil Lug: Yes

Integral Rail: Yes - 20 MOA

Bolt Handle Orientation: Straight

Mag Compatibility: AICS & AW

Extractor: M16 Style

Ejector: Plunger Style

Bolt Options: .223, .308, Short Magnum Bolt Face Options

Trigger Compatibility: R700, with Trigger Hanger Options

Barrel Compatibility: Prefit