Become a Dealer

We welcome any dealers, from just 1 barrel to 10,000!

Faxon Firearms is committed to the stable growth and sustainment of a robust dealer network. We offer all of our products to the dealer network, including ARAKs, barrels, and accessories. 

We are a great company to work with, committed to real-time support and using the latest technologies to speed up and ease your interactions with us. We are responsive, flexible, and dedicated. 

Key Details:

  • No minimum buy-in or purchase to join the network. Volume pricing available. 
  • MAP pricing across all outlets. 
  • Reserve product in advance and place backorders.
  • First "dibs" on new products. 
  • Customize your order or individual products!

How do I get started?

Easy! Fill out the form below and our Dealer Sales Manager will be in touch with you.

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