​Glock 43 vs. 19: Which Should You Choose?

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Apr 8th 2022

​Glock 43 vs. 19: Which Should You Choose?

Glock 43 vs. 19: Which Should You Choose?

Glock as a company has been around since 1963 but produced its first gun in 1981. Before the 1980s, Glock produced a mixture of products for civilians and the Austrian army. Today, Glock is a world leader in handgun manufacturing thanks to its precision manufacturing and intense adherence to quality.

Part of the success of Glock is due to a change in handgun options and the desire of law enforcement officers to better combat the rise of the American drug trade. The Glock provided a lighter, more accurate semi-automatic handgun. That powerful reputation is particularly due to two popular models, the G43 and G19.

The G19 came first in 1988 as the first real improvement to the guns that Glock manufactured beginning in 1981. It is one of the world's first 9mm concealed carry firearms and was immediately on the want list for special operations personnel in the US Armed Forces. The G43 was released in 2015 following a round of improvements from real concealed carry pros. 

At the time the G19 was released, it was one of a few 9mm guns that was small enough to concealed carry. That alone drove the G19 to massive fame. The truth, however, is that even as a micro-9mm, the G19 is bulky and that can be uncomfortable in a concealed carry position. The G43 is slightly smaller and loses some mass due to a single stack magazine. The G19 offers a double-stack magazine, which adds to its size, especially when concealed inside a waistband.

Size is Important

Today, many people who concealed carry want the G43 simply because it is more comfortable due to its slightly smaller stature. Below, we go over some differences in the size between the G19 and G43.

Glock 43 Size 9mm

  • Length - 6.06 inches long
  • Width - 1.02 inches wide
  • Height - 4.24 inches tall
  • Barrel - 3.39 inches long
  • Capacity - 6+1 with a standard magazine
  • Weight - Loaded - 22.36 ounces - 17.95 ounces empty

Glock 19 Size 9mm - Gen 5 model

  • Length - 7.28 inches long
  • Width - 1.34 inches wide
  • Height - 5.04 inches tall
  • Barrel - 4.02 inches long
  • Capacity - 15+1 with a standard magazine - some areas regulated to 10 bullet magazines.
  • Weight - Loaded - 30.16 ounces - 23.99 ounces empty


Part of this comparison includes the weight of the G43 vs. the G19. Consideration also included loaded weight since the G19 holds 15+1 bullets while the G43 holds 6+1 bullets in its magazine.

  • Glock 43 Weight - Loaded - 22.36 ounces - 17.95 ounces empty
  • Glock 19 Weight -Loaded - 30.16 ounces - 23.99 ounces empty


Performance is a key factor, but so many outside considerations influence performance, which makes it hard to measure. One key stat that affects the performance of both the G19 and the G43 is the grip size vs. the size of your hands. Larger hands will fit nicely around the G19 which is slightly more robust than the G43. Smaller hands may find the G43 to be easier to grip, aim and shoot. That fact has to do with the length of the Glock from the cradle of the thumb to the arc of the trigger finger. Another key component of performance is the type of trigger on the Glock. There are slight variations from the original models through Gen 4 and Gen 5 that make it easier to shoot - requiring less finger strength to pull the trigger - and that will most definitely affect performance and accuracy.

Glock 19 Stats:

  • Trigger Pull - 5.5 pounds - some variation between generations with key points being a heavy or stiff wall in early G19 and improvements in the Gen 5 with a more user-friendly rolling break.
  • Fixed Sites - polymer, steel, plastic options, and nighttime sites as an aftermarket add-on.

G43 Stats

  • Trigger Pull - 5.5 pounds
  • Fixed Sites - White Dot + night sights (AmeriGlo) as factory standard features. Aftermarket sights are available including red dot sights.

Magazine Capacity

G43 - 5+1 with options for 12 round clips

G19 - Standard at 15+1 with options for 17, 19, and 33 round clips.


G19 - 1.18 inches wide

G43 - 0.92 inches wide

Height from the top of the slide to the bottom of the magazine

G19 - 4.89 inches

G43 - 4.10 inches

The grip is important as it determines how well you control recoil when shooting, and that is a factor in the accuracy of the gun. The G43 has a smaller grip both in circumference and height in comparison to the G19.

What that means is that larger hands will have problems holding the G43 as you will lose the stabilizing force of your pinky finger. Smaller hands will have trouble finding a comfortable perch on the G19 and the ability to securely hold it and reach the trigger, especially if your fingers are shorter.

The best solution to dealing with the differences in grip is to actually hold the different guns. The first consideration should be comfort because when you can comfortably hold a handgun, you solve many other performance problems.


Glock triggers are very similar, but not the same. You get a standard experience that includes a light pressure take-up followed by resistance and then a short reset following discharge. What changes are the differences between generations - original, G3, G4, G5.

For the G43, the smoothest trigger is the generation 5 option, which offers a rolling break rather than the stiff wall and sharp break of older models.

Upgrade Your Glock with Faxon Firearms

Faxon Firearms offers exceptional quality aftermarket add-ons for both G43 and G19 Glocks.

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Faxon Firearms offers a long list of parts and accessories for Glock handguns. As a precision firearm factory modeled after the exacting standards of Glock, you get:

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One of the best ways to get to know Faxon Firearms is through our extensive customer testimonials that point to exceptional accuracy and quality for each of the products we produce. Faxon Firearms offers a long list of parts, barrels, and add-on accessories for Glock and other gun manufacturers.

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Which is the Best Option for You - G19 vs. G43?

Glock 43 or the Glock 19 offer superb shooting, quality, and ease of carry. Both have good accuracy in the 25-meter range and are fair to the 50-meter range. The G43 is the newer model with a more comfortable design at the expense of fewer rounds. The G19 gives you more rounds in the magazine, but that feature adds bulk which may be uncomfortable in a conceal carry waistband situation.

Both have been around long enough to offer a wealth of add-on and upgrade options including rear sight, larger magazine rounds capacity, options for barrel length, grip length, custom barrels, and sights.

Which is the best gun for you? It comes down to personal preference and ability. The differences are such that comfort and ease of the gun in your hand play a major role in accuracy and training.