Faxon Firearms Showcases Latest Innovations at SHOT Show 2024

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Jan 19th 2024

Faxon Firearms Showcases Latest Innovations at SHOT Show 2024

Faxon Firearms Showcases Latest Innovations at SHOT Show 2024 – Booth 13472 & Supplier Showcase 52136

(Cincinnati, OH) As SHOT Show 2024 takes over Las Vegas, Faxon Firearms stands out as a must-visit destination. The company is proud to unveil its latest advancements and time-honored classics at Booth 13472 and Supplier Showcase 52136.

Exhibit Highlights:

  • FX7 Bolt Action Line Expansion: Having earned acclaim in Gun Digest, Faxon Firearms’ FX7 series welcomes new models to its lineup.
  • Gen 2 FX-19 Pistols Unveiled: Faxon Firearms introduces the Gen 2 FX-19 Pistols, raising the bar for precision and dependability in the firearm industry.
  • Revolutionary 22 ARC: Attendees can witness the innovative 22 ARC Barrels, Uppers, and Complete AR-15 Rifles that Faxon Firearms is bringing to market in 2024 through their partnership with Hornady®.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts Rejoice: The launch of the Faxon Outdoors Bag Line promises durability and practicality for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Return of the ARAK-21®: Faxon Firearms’ famed ARAK-21® resurfaces after refinement to enhance its manufacturing scale. "The demand for the ARAK's return has been constant," states Dustin Wallace, Director of Sales & Marketing. "Faxon Firearms has meticulously improved the model for increased production while retaining the features that enthusiasts admire." Having resumed shipping to dealers in late 2023, the ARAK-21® is set to reclaim its prominent status.

  • A Blend of Engineering Marvels: The ARAK-21® combines the reliability of the AK-47 with the adaptability of the AR-15, anchored by its patented upper design and a robust long-stroke gas piston system. Its ambidextrous functionality, straightforward caliber changes, and compatibility with mil-spec AR-15 lowers highlight Faxon Firearms' commitment to versatility and innovation.

Commitment to Value in 2024: Faxon Firearms has emphasized cost reductions in its ARAK® lineup and Pistol Component offerings, affirming its dedication to delivering value to customers and partners alike.

Further Information: For a comprehensive view of Faxon Firearms’ exhibit at SHOT Show 2024, one can click HERE, or visit FaxonFirearms.com for up-to-date product details and company news. You can also catch a preview with Faxon’s interview on the new AP2020 Outdoors Podcast.

Faxon Firearms is a premier manufacturer of firearms and components, renowned for its quality, innovation, and service. Founded by brothers Bob and Barry Faxon in 2012, the company has made its mark in the firearms industry through its relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to crafting superior products through American engineering and manufacturing. Faxon Firearms' manufacturing facility is headquartered in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, where their passionate team is dedicated to expanding The Fellowship of Firearms®.