LIMITED EDITION: Faxon Gen 2 9mm PCC Blowback Full-Mass Bolt Carrier Group, Glock® & Colt® Compatible, Chameleon PVD

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Purpose-built for 9mm AR-15 pistol caliber carbines, our Generation 2 PCC blow-back carriers keep the features of our well-loved first BCG with modern improvements.  We maintain the dual COLT/GLOCK compatible geometry, user-removable weight and full-auto compatibility while adding new and welcome features. We maintain a "ramped" bottom so any common trigger can be used - ideal for competitive shooters and plinkers alike. 

The extractor has been upgraded from an internal "1911" style claw to an AR-15 pivoted and sprung option. For ease of disassembly, a standard firing pin cotter pin is used, and to ensure long-life, the carrier key is separate from the charging surface ensuring that the carrier stands up to any vigorous action - no sheared keys! A stronger firing pin rounds out the new changes. 

Detailed Specifications:

Carrier & Integrated Key:

  • Compatibility: GLOCK & COLT - Style Lower Receivers
  • Carrier: MIL-SPEC 8620 Steel Material
  • Fully Heat Treated
  • External M-16 Style Extractor
  • M16 (FULL-AUTO) Compatible
  • Chameleon PVD Coated
  • Dust Cover Compatible
  • Weight: 14.9 Ounces
  • Removable Carrier Weight - Compatible with JP Enterprises and similar buffer systems.
  • Compatible with MP5 magazine lower receivers


Tech Note- Faxon's 9mm BCG is not compatible with Spike's Tactical Colt 9mm lower receivers.

*GLOCK, COLT, and JP Enterprises names are property of the respective companies. 


Outside Finish:
Chameleon PVD


  • 5
    9mm Chameleon

    Posted by Gregory Fitzpatrick on Jan 1st 2022

    Beautiful build.. hopefully more will come back in stock!! Got 2. Super pleased w both

  • 5
    Gen 2 9mm blowback full mass BCG Chameleon

    Posted by Louis Wolff on Jul 3rd 2021

    Beautiful high quality BCG that is smooth as silk in my Aero 9mm EPC, works flawlessly, glassy smooth finish and runs like a dream, will be putting a FRT trigger with an H2 buffer in it to start running OEM G17 33rd stick mags that should run them in 2-3 seconds, so much fun at the range besides it will be my truck gun, looking into getting the Law Folder with an SBA 3 brace, to keep it compact in a backpack, I still have to choose an optic for it, thinking maybe an EOTech EXP 3.0 for quick acquisition vs a set of MBUS, it has a 8.3” threaded barrel with 7.3” Aero hand guard, may form 1 a 5” can for it, make it a CQB quieter running piece with subs, although I can’t rule out some other configs for it as well, anyway great BCG with zero issues so far