Faxon Match Series Barrel for M&P® Full Size Gen 1 & 2 w/Patented Flame Fluting 416-R, Chameleon PVD, Std. Length, Non-Threaded

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Faxon's Match Series Pistol Barrels for Smith and Wesson/M&P are machined 100% in-house from stress-relieved 416-R stainless steel. These barrels are then given a black Nitride or PVD coating to increase lubricity, barrel life, and resistance to surface wear. All barrels are conventionally rifled to allow a wider range of ammunition to be used, including cast lead. The barrels drop into factory-spec slides with no gunsmithing required. Better-than-factory tolerances ensure a consistent, tighter lockup than OEM.

***DISCLAIMER: Coloration will vary barrel to barrel.***

Why Faxon Pistol Barrels?

  • 4150 or 416-R Stainless - Only the best steels for durability, longevity, and accuracy. 
  • 9mm SAAMI Chambers - Superior accuracy with complete SAAMI compatibility & boring reliability. 
  • Tighter Tolerances - Drop-in, yet better fitment and lock-up. 
  • Conventional Rifling - Fully compatible with cast bullets
  • 11 Degree Target Crown

 Technical Specifications: 

  • Handgun Type: M&P Full Size 4.25"
  • Barrel Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Profile: Flame Fluted, Drop In
  • Barrel Material: 416-R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Twist: 1:10
  • Muzzle Thread: N/A
  • Crown: 11-degree Target Crown
  • Rifling Method: Button
  • Rifling Type: Conventional 
  • Inside Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
  • Outside Finish: Salt Bath Nitride & Chameleon PVD

August 2023 Compatibility Note: Due to recent tolerance changes, Faxon Firearms M&P® barrels are not drop-in compatible with newer Optics Ready M&P® pistols. If you are concerned about the fitment of our barrel to your pistol, please contact Customer Service to verify:

Barrel Caliber:
Barrel Profile:
Flame Fluted, Drop In
Barrel Material:
416-R Stainless
Chameleon PVD
Rifling Twist Rate:
Muzzle Thread:
Handgun Type:
M&P Full Size 4.25"


  • 5
    MP9 full size chameleon barrel

    Posted by Jacob Lundi on Jul 4th 2023

    It's as sexy as it is supremely functional. I cannot possibly recommend it enough. The style alone is worth the price and it fits LIKE A GLOVE!

  • 4
    Great upgrade

    Posted by David McCall on Mar 21st 2022

    Starting with S&W M&P1.0 Pro, I noticed inconsistencies in grouping. Original barrel apparently achieved notoriety for it's loose, excessive play, and erratic group patterns. Figured if I get drop in barrel, gonna have similar issues unless fitted, so I replaced my upper slide with the hellcat, thinking I'd have better odds with tolerances. I love the feel, design cosmetics, functionality, I mean it really was a great combo upgrade to accentuate all the internal upgrades. I just wish the finish was a little more durable, I mean I even regularly oil and clean my weapons so the only other possiblity: No drop in barrel will be perfectly comparable with OEM slide/upper resulting in wearing of the finish. Absolutely vanity though, maybe not if I torture tested it but good buy, even had miscommunications with them, to which they sent me the m&p model instantly and allowed me to just put the Glock style in new packages free of charge with next day. Great products and customer relations.