Faxon 16" Pencil Profile AR15 Barrel, 5.56 Nato, Nitrided

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Manufactured in-house, these barrels are fully stress relieved, air-gauge tested, and 11 degree target crowned to ensure superior accuracy. 

Quality is imbued into our barrels from the start. We start with the best materials, either certified 4150 Mil-Spec steel or 416-R Stainless. From there, each barrel goes through a battery of tests at each operation until finished in Nitride and final inspected. All barrels are individually checked for headspace by precision custom hardened gauges. 

  • Barrel Material: 4150 CMV
  • Barrel Type: Button Rifled 
  • Barrel Caliber: 5.56
  • Barrel Twist: 1:8
  • Barrel Length: 16”
  • Barrel Profile:  Pencil
  • Barrel Gas System: Mid
  • Inside Finish: Nitride
  • Outside Finish: Nitride
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28
  • Gas Block Diameter: .625" 
  • Gas Block Journal Length: 1.1"
  • Barrel Extension: M4 
  • Weight:  1.20  lbs
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected!
  • 11-degree Target Crown


Barrel Material:
Barrel Type:
Button Rifled
Barrel Caliber:
5.56 NATO
Barrel Twist:
Barrel Length:
Barrel Profile:
Barrel Gas System:
Inside Finish:
Salt Bath Nitride
Outside Finish:
Salt Bath Nitride
Muzzle Thread:
Gas Block Diameter:
Gas Block Journal Length:
Barrel Extension:
1.20 lbs
Crown Type:
Recessed 11-degree Target Crown


  • 5
    Very Light. Very accurate. Very well machined

    Posted by Okie on Jan 16th 2020

    Great barrel. Well machined. Very light and BODA accui. Awesome

  • 4
    Good quality, but overgassed

    Posted by Frank Holub on Jan 12th 2018

    I'm overall satisfied with my Faxon pencil barrel, but the one issue I have with it is that it's severely overgassed, causing significant bolt bounce during cycling. The issue was fixed with an adjustable gas block, but it shouldn't really be an issue in the first place with the common .223 and 5.56 loads I was using. Other than that, the barrel is made of quality materials, the finish is impeccable, and accuracy is good too, though anyone buying a pencil barrel should be aware it heats up fast, opening groupings up a bit once hot.

  • 5
    Pencil barrel

    Posted by Kurl on Sep 15th 2017

    Nice fit and finish, fairly light.

  • 5
    Pencil 556

    Posted by Kurl on Sep 15th 2017

    Very elegant and cleanly machined. The high gloss finish is also a nice touch.

  • 5
    16" PENCIL, 5.56 NATO, Mid-Length, 4150 QPQ

    Posted by Ralph Seifert on Aug 18th 2017

    I have built several "loaner uppers" to send out to gun writers to review our QRB takedown system. One writer planned a grouping test without telling use. I sent him the loaner that had just come back from a tester doing 60 round full auto drum dumps. The barrel still shot sub-MOA! Out of an abused pencil with barrel! Faxon Barrels is my go to choice for barrels.

  • 5
    16" Pencil Barrel

    Posted by Rob Goodkind on May 4th 2017

    This barrel is lightweight and extremely accurate. I have bought 7 of them so far and will continue to buy this model in the future.

  • 5
    light and accurate

    Posted by robert soria on Mar 10th 2017

    This is hands down the best light weight barrel on the market. Buy it...you won't be sorry you did.

  • 5
    The reviews are legit!

    Posted by John Schrader on Feb 13th 2017

    Purchased the pencil barrel a few weeks ago building a lightweight coyote night rig. Wanted it light because the night scope weighs 3 lbs. The rifle came out under 10 lbs with the scope.Used Hornady factory ammo 55gr vmax. Sighted it in at 100. entered the ballistic data in the scope. walked a self healing target out to a random distance. Hit the target with the range finder at 258 yards. set the range in the scope shot 3 rounds in a tad under an inch. I have much heavier barrels that can't do this.

  • 5
    great penicl barrel

    Posted by heisman01@hotmail.com on Feb 1st 2017

    Put this barrel on a skinny AR15 build, added a mlok MI G3 rail and it's insanely light up front. Shot great right out of the box.