Faxon Introduces Faxon Outdoors, an Exciting New Brand Expansion

Posted by Faxon Firearms Staff on Oct 17th 2023

Faxon Introduces Faxon Outdoors, an Exciting New Brand Expansion

Faxon Introduces Faxon Outdoors, an Exciting New Brand Expansion

[Cincinnati, Ohio] - The Faxon Family of Brands is thrilled to unveil its latest addition, Faxon Outdoors, marking a significant expansion in their product portfolio. Faxon Outdoors is making a grand entrance with a lineup of three exceptional bags: a water and dust-resistant backpack, an IPX7 rated waterproof backpack, and an IPX7 rated versatile waterproof duffel bag.

True to the ethos of the Faxon brand, Faxon Outdoors is committed to delivering products of unparalleled quality while offering outstanding value to customers.

These inaugural products showcase an array of storage options, boasting best-in-class zippers and hardware, and are crafted from top-of-the-line materials. Similar to Faxon Firearms, all Faxon Outdoors products are backed by a lifetime guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for customers.

Dealers interested in adding the Faxon Outdoors line to their inventory can now place orders. Anticipated deliveries are scheduled for November and December of 2023.

Existing Faxon Firearms dealers have an exclusive opportunity to bundle Faxon Outdoors orders with their Q4 2023 Faxon Firearms orders, unlocking special savings. Dealers eager to capitalize on this offer are encouraged to get in touch with their dedicated Faxon representative or send an email to Sales@FaxonFirearms.com. Non-Faxon Firearms dealers are welcome to reach out to Sales@FaxonOutdoors.com to explore the product line and initiate dealer applications.

Heading the charge for Faxon Outdoors is Tom Hurt, former President & CEO of Plano Synergy, bringing decades of invaluable industry experience to the team. Tom is joined by an exceptional group of professionals from the Faxon team, including Sales & Marketing Associate Robert Faxon, CEO Joey O’Gara, and Director of Sales & Marketing Dustin Wallace. Faxon Outdoors, like its sister company Faxon Firearms, is proudly owned by Bob and Barry Faxon.

For more information, please email: Sales@FaxonOutdoors.com, or navigate to the “Faxon Outdoors” section on FaxonFirearms.com.

About Faxon:

Faxon is a reputable and innovative brand known for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With the introduction of Faxon Outdoors, they are set to further expand their presence and continue their legacy of delivering top-tier products.