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The ARAK-21 XRS is a complete rifle system, including Faxon Firearms' custom AR-15 parts-compatible lower receiver* that matches the ARAK-21 perfectly. 

  • Manufactured of 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Graceful complex curves show off the attention to detail and machining. 
  • Fully compatible with all AR-15 lower receiver parts kits. 
  • Set-screw retained take-down pin spring for easy assembly. 
  • Anodized Black or available in Cerakote FDE or OD. 
  • Enlarged, integrated trigger guard. 
  • Guarded, guided magazine release compatible with Norgon Ambi options. 

*ARAK-21 XRS Lower Receivers are not appropriate for standard AR-15s. The flared cuts and squared hoop will not allow standard manipulation with standard AR-15 uppers. The ARAK XRS lower does not include a buffer retaining pin. 



Components of the ARAK-21® Upper Receiver:

The ARAK-21® is a gas piston actuated, complete upper receiver assembly designed to seamlessly interface with the standard AR-15 platform.  The total extent of the interface is simply the take down pin, and the pivot pin.  The new ARAK-21® upper receiver offers you all its features with no change to your current lower receiver and can be installed in less than one minute with no tools. 

Your ARAK-21® upper receiver will be shipped to you with one “Barrel Assembly Unit” (BAU), or two, depending on which package you purchase.

The BAU is comprised of the barrel, gas block, muzzle brake, gas piston, gas adjuster, and barrel trunnion.  The only removable part of this assembly is the gas adjuster knob.  The gas adjuster knob has 4 settings.  Three of the settings allow different gas flows for optimum operation, and one setting blocks the gas flow for a single shot operation.

The upper receiver includes the charging block, standard charging handle, lower forearm with screws, three aluminum full length picatinny rails, three insulating shims, bolt carrier assembly, lower recoil lug with spring guide rod, and dual recoil spring system.  Along with your new ARAK-21® upper receiver you will receive your owners manual, and two allen wrenches that will fit the screws that attach the lower forearm, and the front picatinny rails.

Due to the unique and innovative features of the ARAK-21® upper receiver, there are very few parts that are interchangeable with a standard AR-15.  The firing pin, extractor spring, and ejector spring are the only parts that are standard and interchangeable with an AR-15 upper receiver.

Other features include:

  • The upper receiver is fully machined from an aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum billet in a one piece design that incorporates a full length picatinny rail (Mil-STD-1913) on the top and three additional rails on the muzzle end of the receiver, making it a full M4 style quad rail upper.  The top picatinny rail is laser engraved for optic placement.  There are also half-length picatinny rails available.
  • 12 ½” length BAU is available in 5.56, heavy profile. 16” and 20” length BAU’s are available in both the 5.56 and 300 BLK. There are two profiles to choose from, medium and heavy.  BAU’s can be interchanged in less than 3 minutes by removing the (6) captive allen screws on the bottom rail using the enclosed allen wrench.  
  • Long stroke variable setting gas piston system.  There are three options for gas flow, and one for no gas flow.  This allows for single shot operation.  There is also a clean out port for the gas block between the gas cylinder, and the barrel.
  • Charging handle is ambidextrous, non-reciprocating, foldable, spring returned and is easily relocated from left to right side without tools by the operator.

  • Model “39” Eight (8) lug bolt design with involute profile for both right and left hand versions.  The extractor is positioned at 3 o’clock.  This allows for a left hand version to use the same bolt by simply removing the cam pin and rotating 180 degrees and reinstalling the cam pin.
  • Self-contained firing pin retention system enclosed in a rectangular bolt carrier that no longer requires a cotter pin.
  • Bolted in hardened steel rail system for the bolt carrier to ride on.  This allows a metal on metal wear surface for better wear characteristics and a much smoother operation.
  • The ARAK-21® system allows for a folding stock to be added, as our recoil system does not extend beyond the upper receiver to fully operate.  This eliminates the noise and feel of the buffer tube cycling back and forth.

PLEASE NOTE:Images shown may include items not sold with the ARAK-21® Upper Receiver.

ARAK-21 XRS Rifle Includes:

  • ARAK-21 XRS Rifle (As Ordered)
  • B5 SOPMOD Bravo Stock (Black)
  • Hogue Grip (Black)
  • Ambidextrous Safety/Selector
  • Shipping Box
  • Manual
  • BAU Removal Tools
  • Magazine for chosen caliber(s) 5.56/300 & 7.62x39
  • Magazine Marker Bands (300 BLK & 7.62x39, if ordered)
  • Bolt(s) & Firing Pin(s) for Ordered Calibers
  • Recoil Spring(s) for Ordered Calibers

 Faxon Technical Note on 7.62x39 Caliber Kit:

  • The factory recommends a high-power hammer spring to use with the 7.62x39 kit. 
  • Many aftermarket "light" triggers will not reliably ignite 7.62x39 surplus ammunition.  
  • A spring is included and installed on XRS rifles ordered with the caliber. It is sold separately for the upper or caliber kit only. 
  • Faxon recommends HiperFire triggers with a special spring kit for an improved trigger pull. Contact HiperFire for details.


  • The standard ARAK-21 upper receiver with a 16" medium barrel weights in at 5.5 lbs. Pencil barrels remove .3 lbs and heavy barrels increase the weight .3 lbs. 
  • Uppers equipped with 12.5" medium barrels weigh approximately 5 lbs. 
  • Heavy 20" barrels increase the base weight approximately .5 lbs. 

300 BLK Compatibility:

Due the fixed gas system length of the ARAK platform and variability of 300 BLK subsonic ammunition, a suppressor is required for reliable function with the 300 BLK BAUs using subsonic ammunition and supersonic on the 12.5" barrel. 

Short-Barrel Rifle Statement:

The ARAK-21 upper receiver is capable of easily converting calibers, barrel profiles, and barrel lengths. As such, Faxon Firearms cannot offer a 12.5" barrel direct with the XRS rifle. Customers may purchase a short-barrel in a separate transaction such that it is their intent to create a legal short-barreled rifle as defined under the National Firearms Act or for the receiver to be attached to a registered pistol receiver when in the 12.5" barrel configuration. It will be customers' responsibility and duty to ensure they follow all applicable GCA & NFA laws, ATF regulations, and state & local laws. All customers should be aware of the ATF ruling on the definition of a "firearm" available for review here:

Note: Cannot be shipped to CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, or NY state

Note: Current lead times are 8-12 weeks.



  • 5
    A Precise, Fun Work of Art!

    Posted by James Reffner on Jan 12th 2017

    I am 43 and have been shooting since I was 8. I've never been into the militaristic stuff until this year. The ARAK-21 is my first venture into this category of shooting. I'm more than pleased. I did a lot of research on AR's, and AK's before deciding on the Faxon, and I'm very convinced that I not only made a wise choice, but also spent my money well. After having had the rifle for about a month, and having put 800 to 1000 rounds through it, I can say that it shoots very tight groups. Bullet holes overlap at 50 yards and are still impressive at 100 and 200 yards as well. More importantly, it feels really nice. It has very minimal recoil when compared to the cheaper AR's containing buffer springs. It is solid and of very reasonable weight. It is easy to customize, and is just a blast to shoot. I highly recommend the upgraded muzzle brake. It makes it a lot quieter and reduces recoil. For $60.00 it is well worth it. When you compare the ARAK to other high-end AR types in the same price range, I think many will agree that it is a very good bang for the buck. Unless you want to drop an additional grand on a SCAR (and not get anything extra in return), it really is one of best in the two grand area. If you want a really nice AR, I don't think you could do better. On top of that, Faxon found a barrel defect on the day they were to hand me my rifle. Rather than just give it to me, they asked me to wait one extra day. I couldn't be happier that they treated me this way. They really seem to care about their reputation and making their customers happy. I have a lot of faith in this company. They make an exceptionally amazing product. They care about, and back up their work. What more can I ask? If you can rent one, do it, but be warned as you will probably end up buying one shortly after. Thank you Faxon!

  • 5
    Great Rifle Technology and Craftsmanship at its Best

    Posted by Arthur Whaley on Dec 24th 2016

    I just recently received my ARAK 21. It is a well made rifle. The mechanics and craftsmanship are very evident when you look the rifle over and check out its functionality. Have not been able to go to the range yet. But I am sure its performance will be excellent. Great company and rifle. Many Thanks

  • 5
    Love everything execpt the norgon ambi mag release

    Posted by Goose on May 13th 2016

    If there is a way i can configure the norgon mag release for lefties then I will be all set. No kind of problems have occured other than user error. The .300 blkout sound is not bad at all when shooting with no overhead cover. Recoil is awesome with no time lost to re-engage on target. Be prepared to get a workout with the heavy set barrels. Work your way up with no body armor to body armor cause you get tired really quickly within the first mag. If your looking for mass quantity of ammo i shop from You will not be disappointed in this new gen look of rifle. The investment is worth it.

  • 5
    Best weapon I ever owned...

    Posted by Jack Michalek, Special Agent Retired on Dec 8th 2015

    I have fired and owned several weapons over the years (23 years military service). This is by far the finest weapon I have ever owned or fired. The workmanship on this weapon is the equivalent of that put into a Rolls Royce. Nothing less that PERFECT! The entire process of ordering this weapon was also nothing short of Professional.

  • 5
    Excellent Product and Great Alternative To Traditional AR Uppers

    Posted by MIchael Ro... on Jun 4th 2015

    I purchase my 5.56/300 BLk 12.5 barrel combo a year ago and love them. This is one of the most innovative piston uppers for the AR platform that resolved issues other manufacturers have. It also improves upon standard AR upper receivers by allowing barrels to be changed out quickly and easily. I plan to add additional barrels to my inventory to allow me to tailor the upper to meet various needs without having to purchasing multiple uppers (even though I will likely replace one or more of my DI uppers with another ARAK-21). Oh, and Faxon's customer service and support is likewise excellent should you ever encounter any problems with your ARAK or other parts.