Faxon 20" Gunner Profile AR15 Barrel, 6.5 Grendel, Nitrided

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 The Gunner profile is a blend of two of the best performing profiles of all time, Gov't and Pencil. Faxon's Gunner profile combines the durability of the Gov't profile with the weight savings and maneuverability of the Pencil profile. The Gunner profile brings the balance of the rifle back towards the shooter's body, limiting fatigue, and allowing for shooting, training, or hunting all day long.

Faxon Firearms barrels are the pinnacle of value. Manufactured in-house in Cincinnati, Ohio, Faxon barrels are fully stress relieved, air-gauge tested, and 11 degree target crowned to ensure superior accuracy. Quality is imbued into our barrels from the beginning of the manufacturing process.. We start with the best materials, either certified 4150 Mil-Spec steel or 416-R Stainless. From there, each barrel goes through a battery of tests at each operation until finished in Nitride and final inspected. All barrels are individually checked for headspace with precision PTG gauges.

  • Barrel Material: 4150
  • Barrel Type: Button Rifled
  • Barrel Caliber: 6.5 Grendel Type II
  • Barrel Twist: 1:8
  • Barrel Length: 20”
  • Barrel Profile:  Gunner
  • Barrel Gas System: Rifle
  • Inside Finish: Salt Bath Nitride 
  • Outside Finish: Salt Bath Nitride 
  • Muzzle Thread:5/8x24
  • Gas Block Diameter: 750"
  • Gas Block Journal Length: 1.9"
  • Barrel Extension: M4
  • Weight:  1.92  lbs
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • Polished 11-degree Target Crown
Barrel Material:
Barrel Type:
Button Rifled
Barrel Caliber:
6.5 Grendel Type II
Barrel Length:
Barrel Twist:
Barrel Profile:
Barrel Gas System:
Inside Finish:
Salt Bath Nitride
Outside Finish:
Salt Bath Nitride
Muzzle Thread:
Gas Block Diameter:
Gas Block Journal Length:
Barrel Extension:
Barrel Weight:
1.92 lbs
Crown Type:
Recessed 11-degree Target Crown


  • 4
    6.5 Grendel 20” Gunner barrel

    Posted by Jason Hale on Jun 25th 2022

    The shipping was quick with good communications. Installed and cleaned the barrel. Shot very accurately. What residue, likely from QPQ, you see inside the bore can be removed between cleaning and shooting. I cleaned it out thoroughly before hand and it shoots great. Maybe some guidance on residue/ cleaning would be helpful for customers.

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    20" 6.5 Grendel Gunner Barrel

    Posted by Thomas B on Oct 16th 2021

    I purchased this barrel a while back, and was able to get it in an upper and out to the range just before March 2020. It allowed me to see a miss, adjust and be on target for my longest distance shot so far (a little over 600 m). I don't know if Faxon will make more of these barrels in the future, but if they do I'd recommend them if you want to put together a 6.5 Grendel upper.

  • 5

    Posted by Gary Perkins on Jul 7th 2020

    This is a very accurate barrel. For the Grendel. It’s really lite and clean looking. Soon as more barrels get in stock I’ll be replacing all my barrels over to Faxon.

  • 5
    Fantastic Barrel Better than advertised accuracy.

    Posted by Joseph Hesterman on Nov 10th 2019

    Absolutely love this Barrel, Old Build was an Anderson 16" and it would walk all over the place. Built a new one with this faxon barrel and an Aero M4E1 Receiver set, and it will put 5 rounds inside the same hole at 100 yards. I can not overstate how pleased I am with this.

  • 5
    20" Gunner, 6.5 Grendel, Rifle Barrel

    Posted by Teddy Orr on Oct 17th 2018

    When i recieved this barrel i noticed the ligh wieght of this barrel. The finish was very good. took it to the range and was impressed with the first 3 rds dime size group. adjusted the scope and shoot 2 more sub 1" at 100 yards with 123 match amo. this is an awsome barrel. I am going to buy a 223 wyldes chamber just like it.