Faxon 16" Gunner, 5.56 NATO, Mid-Length, 4150 QPQ

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 The Gunner profile is a blend of two of the best performing profiles of all time, Gov't and Pencil. Faxon's Gunner profile combines the durability of the Gov't profile with the weight savings and maneuverability of the Pencil profile. The Gunner profile brings the balance of the rifle back towards the shooter's body, limiting fatigue, and allowing for shooting, training, or hunting all day long.

Faxon Firearms barrels are the pinnacle of value. Manufactured in-house in Cincinnati, Ohio, Faxon barrels are fully stress relieved, air-gauge tested, and 11 degree target crowned to ensure superior accuracy. Quality is imbued into our barrels from the beginning of the manufacturing process.. We start with the best materials, either certified 4150 Mil-Spec steel or 416-R Stainless. From there, each barrel goes through a battery of tests at each operation until finished in Nitride and final inspected. All barrels are individually checked for headspace with precision PTG gauges.

  • Barrel Material: 4150 CMV
  • Barrel Type: Button Rifled 
  • Barrel Caliber: 5.56
  • Barrel Twist: 1:8
  • Barrel Length: 16”
  • Barrel Profile:  Gunner
  • Barrel Gas System: Mid
  • Inside Finish: Nitride
  • Outside Finish: Nitride
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28
  • Gas Block Diameter: .625"
  • Gas Block Journal Length: 1.9"
  • Barrel Extension: M4 
  • Weight:  1.37  lbs
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected!
  • 11-degree Target Crown
Barrel Material:
Barrel Type:
Button Rifled
Barrel Caliber:
5.56 NATO
Barrel Twist:
Barrel Length:
Barrel Profile:
Barrel Gas System:
Inside Finish:
Salt Bath Nitride
Outside Finish:
Salt Bath Nitride
Muzzle Thread:
Gas Block Diameter:
Gas Block Journal Length:
Barrel Extension:
1.37 lbs
Crown Type:
Recessed 11-degree Target Crown


  • 5
    Buy this barrel if you want the best!

    Posted by LaJoy Precision Inc. Custom Guns on Aug 23rd 2016

    After having one of my customers ask me to build them a lightweight AR I started to research what would be the best barrel I could find that would fit his requirements. After some time we settled on Faxon’s 16” Gunner barrel. This is one of the best barrels out there. The Gunner barrel is top shelf, very accurate, the contour and weight is perfect and you can’t beat the price. We have use this barrel in over 20 builds and will never look back.

  • 5
    Love this contour

    Posted by Unknown on May 18th 2016

    Really love this contour on a barrel. The finish was very high quality. Shot great !!

  • 5
    Everything i expected and more.

    Posted by Jawmarq on Mar 31st 2016

    The 16" Gunner is impossible to beat for the price IMO. Fit and finish is superb. First 5 shots using some 55gr sp ultra max was about 2moa, 2nd 5 shots fiocchi 50gr vmax was at 1moa. The coyotes don't stand a chance now. Thanks Faxon!

  • 5
    great barrel

    Posted by Randy on Jan 28th 2016

    I used this to build a light weight coyote rifle and it is fantastic. Very accurate and very light weight.

  • 5
    Fantastic, lightweight product.

    Posted by Chris M on Jan 11th 2016

    I learned about the barrel from Military Arms Channel, and I was looking to shed some weight from my RRA 16 inch HBAR. Holy *** what a difference! Rifle balances out much better now, and the accuracy is sub MOA as long as I do my part. Matching gas block and gas tube work like a champ. I am looking at the 11.5 inch version for a pistol build as well. Do not hesitate, it's a great product.

  • 5
    Second to none!

    Posted by RPS Gunsmithing on Jan 7th 2016

    I just finished a build for a customer using the 16" Gunner and I have to say, I am VERY impressed!!! Barrel extension to receiver was tighter than your "first time" and the finish was flawless. As for accuracy, I shot a 20 shot group with American Eagle XM855 62gr factory loads into the size of a dime at 100yds. I will most assuredly be using Faxon barrels for my future builds.

  • 5
    Are you looking to build light??

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 26th 2015

    Built my wife a gun for Xmas, used this barrel, could not be happier. Would LOVE one on my 18" gun. A must have for a lightweight build.

  • 5
    Perfectly Built Barrel

    Posted by Johnny on Nov 4th 2015

    This may be the first time I've ever given a 5 star product review without a full test of the part...actually it is the first time and it is a 5 star product (give me a 6th to add after I put it thru its paces!). There's a lot of "custom" manufacturers out there but, if you're looking for a truly custom, well thought out, great materials used, every square inch of perfection in a barrel look no further than Faxon! I purchased this 16" Gunner for a lightweight duty/combat rifle I've been building to shave some more weight. The purpose was to build a STURDY, DURABLE light weight rifle I can rely on. Wanting something that was lighter but, still requiring accuracy after a 30rd string I think the Govt contour stepped down to the .625 gas block and pencil profile at the muzzle is a perfect fit for my use, needs and wants. Very well made, even down to the anodizing. I have just dropped the barrel off to be cerakoted by my friend (Houlding's Central California Gunsmith) who educated me on the Faxon line of products. Paired with the Houlding Irish Curse Compensator, this should be a great set up for my rifle and the final touch I've been looking for. Another awesome product from Faxon! LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!!! Right up there or better than other high end custom barrel manufacturers I've used in the last and at EXTREMELY fair pricing for what you get. Can't wait to see what they come out with next!!! Thank you Faxon!!!

  • 5
    Great Products!

    Posted by Dan on Aug 30th 2015

    Just want to pass along that you guys make great products. My friend was very pleased with your 16" light barrel. Excellent craftsmanship, Thanks and keep up the great work Dan